LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Travel sites Airbnb and VRBO are reporting a boom in online reservations. FOX5 spoke with a local Airbnb host about the surge he's seen in March.

Travis Schurr oversees 45 rental properties in the Las Vegas Valley. About 24 are short term rentals, and nine of those are located in Henderson.

He said they've seen a 200% increase in rentals. 

“February there was a slight uptick, but then March just full explosion,” Schurr said.

He believes March Madness, the vaccine rollout and the stimulus checks are the reasons behind the surge.

“We saw a boom last stimulus which would’ve been last year, and that time the partiers were coming ... but this go around, we’ve seen the boom and it’s families and children and people just getting away, people just coming to sun. All our pool houses got booked and they paid to have the pool heated,” Schurr said.

He said at one point last summer, they stopped accepting short term rentals because travelers that were coming were too out of control. So far this year, out of 1,075 nights booked, there have been zero cancellations.

“To be honest with you, we raised our prices like 200% and they just keep booking and booking and booking and I’m shocked," Schurr said.

He said short term rentals under 30 days are still not allowed in Clark County, but there's a push to get Carson City up and going.

Airbnb makes its Wall Street debut

“Henderson is on fire, they just passed North Las Vegas, but for us personally we’re excited," Schurr said.

He said April is booking just as much as March. This is a good sign for the valley as more travelers spend money into the local economy. 

“They take full advantage of what Vegas has to offer, the restaurants, the local restaurants, sort of getting that back online,” Schurr said.

Shares of Airbnb are up 20%. Airbnb hosts have earned a combined $1 billion since the pandemic began last year. Expedia's stock, which own the travel site VRBO, is up more than 30%.

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