LAS VEGAS (FOX5)-- Scientists at UNLV are getting ready to test self-cleaning slot dividers. 

"Based on the literature, should get about 99.5% something like that for every minute that the wand is going over a spot of the plexiglass," said Dr. Biran Hedlund. 

Dr. Hedlund is a microbiology professor at UNLV. He's working on building a team to test the product. He said the UVC light should be very effective at killing viruses, bacteria and germs. 

"What we’re going to do is spray aerosols of different microorganisms onto the surfaces. So for this product, we’d spray it onto the plexiglass and then with or without UV treatment, which would simulate their product vs just a standard plexiglass product," said Dr. Hedlund. 

Once the trials start, Dr. Hedlund said they’ll know within about a week how its performing with standard bacteria like e. Coli. Then they’ll test for viruses like Sars CoV-2. 

Dr. Hedlund said those viruses can survive on a surface like plexiglass for a few days and some bacteria can survive much longer. 

That’s why Darryl Rosenblatt with Smith Rosen gaming says their product is more realistic for casinos.

"You can’t clean plastic with acetone, alcohol, you can’t use any abrasive solvent so you’re going to have people running around with soap and water all day long?" said Rosenblatt Director of Marketing. 

The UVC wand only cleans the divider. The buttons on the machine still need to be disinfected.

Smith Rosen gaming is donating about $250,000 to UNLV to do those experiments.

"Those experiments are objective. UNLV forced us, and rightfully so, to sign agreements that guarantee no company can limit the flow of information for any data we produce," said Dr. Hedlund. 

"The inquiries at this point are beyond anything that we really anticipated," said Rosenblatt. 

Rosenblatt and his wife Jamie Klingler said they've received thousands of pre-orders.  

"I’m immunocompromised, so I’m the first one to know how serious this can be ... We really want to keep our employees safe that are working at the casino because they’re coming home to our neighborhoods, they’re going shopping in our local grocery stores," said Klingler. 

Rosenblatt said you can expect to see the slef-cleaning slot dividers in local casinos within the next month.

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