LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- UNLV released new recommendations to wear two masks on campus, citing guidelines from health officials. 

"It's more common that people are wearing cloth masks, but if they can wear a paper one (surgical mask) underneath that's ideal," UNLV School of Medicine professor of surgery Dr. Deborah Kuhls said.

Kuhls said two masks can be better than one, because they can fill any gaps that the first mask may not cover on your face.

“My cloth mask is a little larger, and it helps fill some of the gaps," Kuhls said.

Wearing a cloth mask with an N95 mask over works well too, according to Kuls. She also said wearing two cloth masks can be better than one if it helps fill gaps where air could come through.

Kuhls said health care workers like her have been double masking for months to prevent contracting the virus.

The new double mask recommendations follow health official warnings that new COVID-19 variants may be transmitted easier than earlier strands of coronavirus.

On campus at UNLV, some students like Hernan Alvarez were already seen wearing two masks.

Coronavirus mask generic

"I think it's the right thing to do simply to keep these classes open," Alvarez said.

Health experts say that if you're not wearing two masks, a double layered mask is the next best option. Health officials warn against double masks for people with severe breathing problems.

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Why aren't we issued hazmat suits? Why is the produce in stores not wrapped in plastic? We are all touching it. Why are we not sprayed with disinfectant when we enter any store? Why aren't all the people in South Dakota not dead since they never went into a lock down? Why can't Biden fly around the country giving pep talks to all the people who lost their jobs because of him? It's the least he can do. Oh I forgot, he probably doesn't realize he's the president. He just does what he's told. You get what you vote for....

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