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LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- UNLV Medical students inside Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas are learning how to diagnose coronavirus in patients who do not speak English.

Students work with actors who portray a patient and an interpreter.

"To help the student improve their bedside manner, their communication skills, their diagnostic skills," said Gigi Guizado de Nathan, the standardized patient coordinator at the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas.

The “encounter” begins with the student and a patient who communicate face to face via an online office visit platform. 

The student begins by asking questions about the patients symptoms, if they have fever, cough, shortness of breath, body aches or chills.

The interpreter acts as a middle man, asking the patient questions in their native language and translating the answers to the student who can hear everything that is being said.

“We try to make it as real as possible to prepare students for what they will experience when they get out into the clinics and the hospitals.

The most common language barrier is Spanish and students have had most of their encounters with Spanish speakers.

Soon students will begin speaking to patients who only speak Tagalog.

"Coronavirus does not discriminate. It doesn't matter whether you speak English or not, you're going to need care," said Guizado de Nathan.

UNLV’s School of Medicine is closed but students are continuing their studies online. The Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas is scheduled to reopen in June.

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