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LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- UNLV's Lee Business School has announced the creation of the Lee School Prize for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, as the school looks to compel entrepreneurs to develop innovations to help address the problems facing the hospitality, entertainment or travel industries due to COVID-19.

According to a news release, administered by the Lee Business School, multiple prizes will be awarded as investments totaling $1 million. The innovations must make the industry safer for both guests and employees of the hospitality or travel sector, the release said.

“If Las Vegas is the world leader in hospitality and entertainment, then it must lead now in identifying the best practices and products to safely chart the way forward for guests and employees in the travel and hospitality industries,” said Greg Lee, former Chairman of the UNLV Foundation and Chairman and CEO of Eureka Casinos. “When the time is right, we must give the customer confidence that it is safe and desirable to travel again, dine again, stay again, and play again.”

The Lee School Prize for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is accepting worldwide submissions open to individuals or companies until July 5. A committee comprised of the Deans of UNLV’s schools of Business, Science, Engineering and Hospitality, along with renowned industry experts, will judge submissions and select prize recipients, according to the release.

Prize winners will use the Lee School Prizes to develop and bring their concepts to a “Shark Tank”-like investor marketplace made up of leading corporations, private equity firms and angel investors.

Products and solutions must be brought to market within twelve months, officials said.

For more information about the Lee School Prize or to submit a proposal, visit: www.LeePrize.com. Submissions open May 11.

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(3) comments



How did people read my comment so fast?

Or is it all in my head?

And why doesnt their company just hire me? Or even for a job shadow/internship? I must have thought of something whil that I would adint about Morrison and his plane. There are many key highlights in too many gamechangers for the tourism industry right now, so I had to look into some already conducted market research and the ability of possibilities for travelers on vacation. So, if anybody wanted some sort of start, gaining a sudden interest? That's where I had started. My Step A1.


It's a million dollar prize.

If I win I'm buying BOSE Glasses then going to Paris/Amsterdam after donating half to charity.


Well. I didn't want to be the first to comment, or the only one. And I feel like we, or I wanted to keep our privacy. I'm only an individualist submission, I couldn't find anybody to collaborate with for an even more final result submission.

"must lead now in identifying the best practices and products to safely chart the way forward for guests and employees in the travel and hospitality industries,"

With that being said, from experience of having to sign out temp cards for my dorm room, my last submission form entry I think by reply email was to once again consider possibly 2FA for hotel guests, as these certain types of keys I suggested we use as college students, would have helped me out personally greatly, and a beneficial thing for other students. As far as product goes. My first thought process had been towards travel.

So, just in case anybody wanted some sort of idea as to what individualists might be looking at to improve what can be a possibility for certain implementation in the future. But as I am describing myself as individual, defining as solo and independent, but had been called upon to look into this as a business student, I considered something to contribute even if it's not award winning, but with the deadline, the mood might change and I might see something I missed. But if that be the case hopefully it'll be a submission(s) with a team/group /company/partner.

Also, BOSE is offering A Thumbprint Key(maybe it was personalized for me, AI created or something), to associate that specific key w your identity for a submission, of some sorts THEY'RE doing.

I feel like, I needed to feel as if winwinning right then and there. Maybe it was that just as difficult and had to be clever in order to also claim the winnings to. Stumble across BOSE because linking it to CES and CES is a major win for Las Vegas.

[rolleyes]in a spurt of downsome, I had wanted them to just forget about what I've suggested, I mean as am electric company seemed to have a distinct product catalogue, innovation seems to be the expertise of the greatest, and that's something business students such as myself should admire greatly

So if anyone wants to make the deadline, for a possible rough draft, and also have no tried out Microsoft Whiteboard, message me? You can DM me on IG? or my site?But something like that, don't create or make news of it.

It's the 1-2. *A brother sees this comment.*

*His sister is a student at the business school, too.*

*he asks his sis, hey... you're not doing anything yet for the he summer, right?!*

So I'm willing to take it on as a dedicated summer project depending on variables. But as of anything else, Im waiting to hear back on a couple opportunities, so only make it the 1-2 mention. I'd really rather not like any very unwanted or unnecessary confrontation for God's Sake cannot emphasize that point enough.


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