LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- On May 1, the Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation will bring back their work search requirement for all state unemployment insurance claimants, meaning they will be required to search for jobs, keep records of people they contact and accept any offer extended, unless a justification can be provided.

Some Nevadans, however, are concerned about claimants whose industries aren't fully back yet.

Many live entertainment professionals were hoping the Electric Daisy Carnival music festival would be their ticket off unemployment, until it was postponed once again.

The president of the local IATSE chapter for union stagehand work said EDC's postponement was a disappointment, and also shared whether the work search requirement will affect his union's members.

"We still had a lot of people that are waiting for World of Concrete. That's the big event that's going to be happening in June," said Jaynes. "If you're an actual member of a labor union, you don't have to go out and look for work, because we look for the work for you. We have a dispatch system. You're signed in, and so we're actually always communicating with our partners, and they'll write in, saying, 'Hey we need 20 guys.' And we'll send them 20 guys."

Jaynes said EDC's postponement to October affected roughly 160 union members, and also some would-be workers who are not part of his union. He said it's likely that all 160 union members are still claiming unemployment benefits at this point in time.

Hundreds of other union and non-union workers had been counting on the festival for work.

Another Nevadan said she feels DETR's latest move "adds insult to injury" for professionals formerly in industries like live entertainment.

"The opportunity to actually go and seek work is limited," said Marianne Leblanc, a veteran entertainment professional who lost her career to COVID-19.

DETR leaders, however, said they feel it is time.

“As Nevadans are vaccinated and COVID cases continue to drop, DETR is focusing on getting Nevadans back to work," DETR director Elisa Cafferata said in a statement.

Leblanc disagrees.

"Many of us, if we took a minimum wage job, we would be in serious financial dire straights," said Leblanc.

jobs employment resume generic file

For details on acceptable documentation for work search activities, claimants can refer to page 35 of the Nevada Unemployment Insurance Facts for Claimants Handbook and the Top Ten Work Search FAQs located on the website.

A Work Search Activity Record can also be printed out from

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Plenty of work out there. Get off your butt and get a job. Don't wait around for the union. They don't care about your family

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