LAS VEGAS (FOX5)-- As states reopen, a new survey shows people are hesitant to travel. 

"We have regressed a little over the past three weeks and that’s simply driven by the health situation and health concerns of our potential visitors," said CEO of Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority Steve Hill. 

He is part of the Nevada Commission on Tourism. The group met on Tuesday to talk about the economic impact of the pandemic. 

"We’ve got a health crisis that has created an economic crisis and the real key to fixing all this is to solve these health issues: making sure that infection rates stay low, that testing remains high, contact tracing," he said. 

Hill said they need to broaden entertainment to entice more people.  

"Whether that's individual performers or the big shows that’s properties have and it also includes the meeting industry," he said. 

Market research firm Destination Analyst found people’s perception of the pandemic is becoming more pessimistic.

It surveyed 1200 american travelers each week since about mid-March. This week, nearly half said they won’t travel again until Coronavirus blows over. More people are concerned about getting sick too.

"For every one person who has little concern about their friends and family contracting the virus there are now this week five people who are highly concerned," said Destination Analyst CEO Erin Francis-Cummings. 

Francis-Cummings said optimism for fall travel has declined too.

"Now 45% expect to be traveling this fall that’s down from two weeks ago when it was at nearly half."

"Special events we’re seeing them canceled left and right which is heartbreaking," said Executive Vice President of Reno-Sparks Convention & Visitors Authority Jennifer Cunningham.

Hotels and casinos rely on conventions and business meetings to fill rooms and restaurants during the week.

"We don’t really see the potential for much to happen this calendar year," said Hill. 

There’s hope for next year.

CES is still planned for January. The website said it will have an an emphasis on digital content and live-streaming. 

But the large tech convention relies on thousands of international travelers and airlines adding hundreds of flights to McCarran International Airport. 

"That show I think is going to really be the first time to start to test the international flight market again to see if that kind of draw and the health situation at the time is enough to kind of lift the lift," said Hill. 

LVCVA is allowed to host two separate events of up to 50 people including staff. 

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Of course people should be worried because this state is r-opening way too soon and the casinos are allowing people to pack inside. The results will be coming soon just wait. Super-spreaders like Vegas will show it was a bad idea. Florida and California are proof re-opening happened way too soon! As for flying NO WAY! They are packing flights with the little flights they have and it is transporting from hot spot to hot spot when we should be confining the virus. Why don't people understand this fact? They are inexperienced and will suffer the consequences.


No kidding. I’m not flying for a long time, period. The experience is so bad they lost me until things get a whole lot better. Cancelled flights, no food, masks, rules, and more rules. I’m not paying to be abused.

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