(Sundance Helicopters/Facebook)

(Sundance Helicopters/Facebook)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Sundance Helicopters announced on Friday that it is permanently closing its tourism flight operations in Las Vegas amid the pandemic.

According to a post shared on social media, the closure is effective immediately.

"The closure is effective immediately. The COVID-19 pandemic caused a steep drop in tourism in the Las Vegas area and forced Sundance Helicopters to close for commercial tours for several months. The continued loss in revenue and lack of visitors to Las Vegas necessitated the decision to permanently close," the company said.

Sundance said it will continue to have a presence in Las Vegas to provide contractual charter work.

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(5) comments


Nothing is permanent. When the tourists come back, the company will reopen its doors. Although Sissylak is doing everything he can to stop tourists from coming.


The communist Democrats destroy another business all the rig the election with mass mail in balloting so they can harvest ballots. soon there will be nothing left of Las Vegas but a ruin in the desert.


The company cited a drop in tourists visiting Las Vegas as the reason for ceasing operations, not a government policy. There are no winners with COVID-19.


Except the state governors,who seem to enjoy controlling their constitutes. And the pharmaceutical companies.


Don't defend it for the wrong reason. Sisolak is responsible. Sure people aren't coming here. What's the point when not much is open, etc...I know I wouldn't. People come to have fun, etc, wearing a mask is not fun. And we shouldn't have to. Bars are closed as well, many stores in the casino's probably will never reopen. The blame is on Sisolak . He listens to his Golden boy, Governor Newsom.

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