LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Roseman University College of Health Sciences held its second vaccination clinic on Saturday, where 300 frontline workers and seniors 70 and older received COVID-19 vaccinations.

This was Roseman’s second "vaccination pod" where students from the college of nursing and pharmacy, along with staff, helped administer the vaccine.

Roseman University College of Health Sciences

Jason Roth, vice president of communications for Roseman University, said they are proud of their students for stepping up.

“This is a huge undertaking. Today we have 35 student, faculty and staff volunteers working throughout the day and they’re doing it for free. They’re doing not only this event, the Roseman events, but our students are also volunteering at UMC. They’re volunteering for the SNHD effort, as well,” Roth said.

Students and staff volunteers helped patients through the entire process. Patients check in with photo identification, then a short medical evaluation. Once a patient goes through a vaccination station, they stay for a 15-30 minute evaluation to make sure they don’t have any reactions.

Roth asks for people to be patient when booking an appointment.

“It’s very challenging to get an appointment right now, there’s high demand. This pod, 300 appointments, filled up in 10 minutes. One for 600 next week filled up in less than an hour. I ask that people be patient. I know it’s very hard to get an appointment. More vaccine clinics are opening up, more pods are opening up,” Roth said.

The amount of vaccines they can offer is based on the amount of availability and volunteer availability.

“Our plan is to ramp up and we’re providing vaccinations every week to the populations that are followed by the vaccination per the state’s program,” Roth said.

Each vaccine vial contains 10 doses. So far, no dose has gone to waste.

“Once it is punctured, you have to use that vaccine within six hours. So that is why the appointments are very, very important, because we do not want to waste any vaccines and also our supply is limited per event,” Roth said.

Kim Hammond, principal at Doral Academy Red Rock Elementary School, received a vaccination. Her school is now open to students at limited capacity.

“We are fortunate to bring students in, so out of precaution, I wanted to get out there and be one of the first ones. I actually have two teachers sitting here with me. We’re super excited to have this opportunity and really excited about it,” Hammond said.

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