LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Nevada health officials have a new message in addition to "stop the spread," calling for Nevadans to help stop the mutation of the virus to keep current vaccines effective and community members healthy.  

The U.K. variant is a concern worldwide, as it is possibly twice as infectious as the dominant strain. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are effective against the current known COVID-19 variations, but health authorities are monitoring any variations that could potentially curb effectiveness. 

Seven cases of the U.K. variant have been found in the Las Vegas Valley so far.

Dr. Mark Pandori of the Nevada State Public Health Laboratory explained that the more the virus spreads, the more mutations will develop.   

Coronavirus mask generic

"That's yet another reason we need to do all these things: to keep people healthy, but keep 'this' from becoming 'something else,'" Pandori said. 

"That variation is what leads a virus from becoming a bad situation to a worse situation. If we let this thing creep around ever more, we're going to see more variation," Pandori said. 

Pandori said it will take time and many mutations for Moderna and Pfizer vaccines to be less effective, but stopping the spread will prolong the vaccine's use. 

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Well, well, well. Would one suppose that this article among others playing up these 'variants' is a means by which this state will use as an excuse to keep us imprisoned both at home and by mask? What other conclusion is there, you bunch of state and local government frauds? People, we MUST work to get these idiots out of office. To the misled souls who voted for these people: you really should do your homework, think as informed citizens and stop believing fake news.


You arent are propaganda pigs. Masks are unhealthy, people arent being helped by wearing masks. Stop lying.


What a bunch of malarkey, when they'll letting thousands of illegals cross the border.

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