Gov. Steve Sisolak discusses Nevada’s recent COVID-19 figures during a press conference at the Grant Sawyer State Office Building on Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2020, in Las Vegas. (Benjamin Hager/Las Vegas Review-Journal) @benjaminhphoto

Gov. Steve Sisolak on Tuesday urged all Nevadans to stay at home for the next two weeks to slow the spread of COVID-19.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Governor Steve Sisolak is warning Nevadans that COVID-19 mitigation measures will tighten if the state does not see improvements in cases, test positivity rates and hospitalizations. 

The governor said it is a priority to bring testing timelines down, catch up on contact tracing and relieve the state's healthcare system, which has been strained namely in Washoe County. He gave a two week timeline for the state to make these changes and promised harder, more "severe" restrictions if the goal is not met. 

"If we don't come together in this moment, I will be forced to take stronger action in 14 days," Sisolak said during a Tuesday night press conference in Carson City.

Over the past two weeks, Nevada has had an average of 963 new cases per day with a 13.7% test positivity rate, and 898 COVID-19 patients hospitalized as of Tuesday. Ten of 17 Nevada counties are flagged by the state's COVID-19 Task Force for elevated risk of disease transmission. 

Sisolak advised not going out to stores, restaurants or gatherings unless essential. He also advised against parties and non-essential meetings, and reminded faith leaders to follow public gathering protocols, and to prevent congregating after in-person services. 

Some grocery shoppers on Tuesday night were preparing to stay in as much as possible over the next two weeks.

He said tourists or those wishing to come to Nevada "certainly" should, but they need to wear a mask and follow all COVID-19 protocols.

As of Tuesday, nearly 700 tourists have tested positive since June 1. Most cases were within Californians (309 cases), Arizonans (162 cases) and Texans (34 cases), totaling 691 known cases of non-Nevadans who've tested positive in the state, according to the Nevada Dept. of Health and Human Services. 

The governor asked local governments and airports to step up enforcement efforts over the next two weeks to ensure that businesses and visitors are following the state's health guidelines. 

Sisolak said he was confident that mitigation measures, if followed, will prevent the state from having to "turn around" and shut down again, as it did in March

President and CEO of Renown Health Dr. Tony Slonim said during the conference on Tuesday that Renown's Reno facility is planning to open a care site in its parking lot and add an additional 1,600 beds, to accommodate the increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations in Washoe County.

"I'm asking you to please do the right thing. Stay home, wear a mask, wash your hands," Slonim said. 

The press conference is available to watch here: 

McCarran International Airport provided the following response:

We welcome the governor’s efforts to encourage travelers and others at McCarran to take the steps they can to stop the spread of COVID-19. This has been our primary focus for several months.

McCarran had worked to get the messages of wearing a mask, social distancing and practicing proper hand hygiene, among others, out to our passengers and the community in a variety of ways. This includes placing signage in baggage claim and around the airport, regular overhead audio messages and weekly messages on social media.

All of these efforts were part of the “LAS All In” campaign launched in May.

Once Governor Sisolak mandated masks be worn in public places, we updated our messaging to reflect that. The day the mask mandate went into effect, we partnered with the LVCVA to pass out masks to arriving tourists.

We have continued to expand the reach of this campaign within the airport. Signage was originally placed just pre-security but has since been installed in post-security locations such as the trams and hold rooms.

Just this week we put up ads in the terminals encouraging passengers to download the state’s COVID Trace app.

We will continue to take these steps and will adjust accordingly as we all work to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Copyright 2020 KVVU (KVVU Broadcasting Corporation). All rights reserved.

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(38) comments

Bo Donk

"severe action" Is this communist for real? Who exactly does he think he is to threaten people of this state? Sorry bud, you may think you are running California but we are Nevada and we dont play that.

MikeyZ LasVegastan

We need Sisolak to die a Covid Covid martyr along with his zaftig daughters

Only then will we learn our lesson!


this is one of the biggest group of delusional crybabies i've ever seen online - good job!


"severe action" Commie threat to remind you that he is the slave master now.


OMG the paranoid post-Trump reactions have hit an all time new high. It would be comical, if not tragic, that y'all believe that Biden is a commie, who's out to take everyone's fun away.


This is to prevent people from talking because we all know this asshat doesn't care about people and their well being. If he did then he would ban cigarettes and not force us to stay in our homes to prevent the sniffles.

This is to prevent us from talking because I would say "I voted for Trump" then my co-worker would say "I voted for Trump" and then everyone would say "I voted for Trump" then we would see the election results and go "WAIT A MINUTE!!!!"

This is the same guy that rigged the election. He needs to be in jail for treason.


The Secretary of State runs the election, not the governor. And she is a Republican. Also not a single one of my coworkers has claimed to have voted for Trump, even the hardcore Republicans I work with voted for Biden or Jorgenson. We need to expand outside of our groupthink bubble and realize perfectly loyal Americans can think in different ways and its OK.


Stop lying. It's all you ever do here.


If I was lying, I would try to make it a lot more interesting than all the bland, dull posts I write.


There is no such thing as loyal Americans who are trying to turn a Republic into a socialistic country. Get real.


We already have socialism here, we have had it for nearly a century. Here is the list of presidents who have signed legislation that could be considered socialistic: FDR, Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, JFK, LBJ, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George HW Bush, Bill Clinton, George W Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump.


Qwerty: Then if this is the case, wouldn't the best time be now to stop it, before the middle class ceases to exist. The country was never shut down to this extent with any other virus. South Dakota did not shut down at all. Shouldn't the entire state population be dead by now? This is the socialists last ditch attempt to control the U.S. Trillions are at stake.


oh, for sure man! that's totally going to happen. love y'all nasty freaks jackin it all day thinking about Trump.


Thirteen days until Armageddon.....


The sign language lady without the mask 😷 looks to have lost few pounds!


This douche expects everyone to stop living their lives in an attempt to bring down numbers from covid? Aint gonna happen so you might as well put everyone back to grounded. Why dont you pay us our F&$king Unemployment first. Are you going to send the construction workers hime from building your 10 million dollar mansion? Where did that money come from??? Everyone might as well start freaking out now and buying out the toliet paper and stuff because its coming. 2 weeks


In fact, from Canada to across Europe, this is what other governments did, but not on a regional basis. It's the federal government's role but Trump has fed the narrative that we need to keep business open at all costs. It didn't have to be this way. The Dems have been trying to fund a stimulus bill since last May but hey, that's communism!!!!


Wow look at all the crazies......


Sizelscum worthiness in Nevada,clown needs to go,and take his little band of osha brown shirts with him ! Where’s his little liberal soyboy hiding & milking a paycheck lately,probably blowing all the mgm payoff ,for a lousy job !


The king has spoken. Obey or you will be punished. Respect my authority! Bugger off sissylak.


Shut it ALL down Sisolak. Don’t let these sore loser trump supporters with their paranoid conspiracy theories get to you. If they don’t listen, then lock them up. You’e doing a great job.


When President Trump wins again....and he will. Are you going to run with your tail tucked in like a Democratic coward?


Yea right. He's not going to win. OH WAIT HE DIDN'T HE LOST.


Another keyboard warrior. Yawn........


What the media and government fail to mention ALWAYS is that the reason cases are going up is because more people are getting tested, even though they may not have any symptoms and don't even end up getting sick. The other fact they fail to mention is the death rate is extremely low - way below 1%. In other words, it's not really a pandemic at all and there are far greater threats in the world. If you go watch Event 201, which was held in October 2019, and look at how it affected the election, it is clear this was all planned and coordinated as a major power grab for big government.


Many of us are praying President Trump remains in office til 2024. Meanwhile, Sisolak needs to be booted out. Yes. This was ALL planned far far in advance and the Democrats and others whom want NWO are NOT going to let anything get in their way. But, if President Trump remains in office til 2024. It will buy us more time because we're gonna need it.


The govenors comment of "severe consequences" has already been decided and leading to another lockdown in 2 weeks. The number of cases in Nv and other states will not be showing any signs of going down until the closer it gets to Biden being sworn in ( still hoping that won't happen).

So the govenors little "I'm in power" speech was pretty much pointless. So stock up if you can folks cause this might lead to on & off again lock downs.


My understanding is that the truckers are going to boycott

Delivering the goods. My guess would be the obvious, they don't want to deal with BLM/ANTIFA.


Hes creating a welfare state, next they will MANDATE the shot. If you dont get the shot, you will be called "selfish" and then criminal. This is what Communists do. Then you get your welfare unless the "system is out of date" like the unemployment. This guy is a tyrant and a criminal.


The welfare state was created in 1933, you are bit late to the party. We also mandated shots in the 1940s/50s to eradicate smallpox and polio. This is what Americans fighting against the scourge of communism did.


Smallpox & polio are communism? Stop being mentally disabled.


No, they are diseases, I was presenting examples that ran counter to the previous post. My main point was to argue mandated vaccinations were not solely the actions of autocratic regimes and that even in the height of the cold war (when we were our most anti-communist) we still enacted public safety measures which included vaccinations. And as a result we now live in a country free from the blight of many diseases that were once common.


Close all big box stores allowing large numbers of people to shuffle around and shutter all casinos that are importing infected people from all over California and beyond. Fremont street is a daily super spreader event as is the strip. Better stop all gatherings right away, except for protests of course ! Make sure you totally trash everything the hard working middle class has worked for as you have declared us the enemy. Welcome to the new United Socialist States of America. But really .... Please leave small businesses open, we can not survive another shut down. Amazing that state employees keep getting paid while they take away our livelihood.


Go ahead, Sisolak. Punish us some more. Close down the casinos again. Tell us Thanksgiving has been cancelled. And if we're not good, Santa will not be coming to Nevada for Christmas.


That seesms to be the Democratic agenda. No celebrations, no family gatherings, no nothing. President Trump has got to win this in court. There is no way Biden stood a chance at all.


That seems to be the Democratic agenda. To take away holidays and celebrations. Biden THINKS he is the new President elect. He isn't. Trump will remain our President til 2024.


As much as i wish you were correct.. it aint happening you may as well get used to that now

Bo Donk

Exactly, Biden is not gonna lock anyone down, cus he is not going to be president AND If by some chance he does cheat his way in, we are going to make the investigations into Trump look like a day in the park. He wont get a SINGLE thing done. Grid lock central.

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