LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- While no plan has been finalized, the Southern Nevada Health District is working on a way to get homebound seniors vaccinated.

This comes as home caregivers begin to worry about the options they have available for those in their care since many of them are unable to leave their homes due to a medical condition.

“This needs to get taken care of and it needs to get taken care of on a higher level. This should be mandated by the governor. He should step in and start mandating this,” said Holly Falcone, a home caregiver to her elderly mother.

Nevada Senior Services is working on a plan that would allow meal delivery providers like Meals on Wheels and Helping Hands the ability to not only drop off food to seniors who can’t leave their home, but also provide them with access to the vaccine.

Staff members for those organizations will need to be trained and licensed before they can give seniors the vaccine and funding for the initiative has been an obstacle.

“It’s the biggest hill we have to climb probably and there is no sign in the immediate future that it’s going to get better,” said Jeffrey Klein, President and CEO of Nevada Senior Services.

Klein said the problem is even worse in Nevada than it is in most other states due to a large population of frail, elderly seniors.

“Going to a large vaccination center is a non-starter for this population. Even going to a local pharmacy, if there is one, is a non starter for these people,” said Klein.

The Southern Nevada Health District did not provide details about when it's plan to vaccinate homebound seniors would be unveiled. 

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Then the "State Guardians" will asses the value of their property, lock them in nursing homes and steal their belongings ...its what they do. Watch the documentary...The Guardians. Nevada is VERY CORRUPT they lock up seniors by force and drain their bank accounts.

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