LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Clark County health officials want to remind people when you need to get tested for COVID-19, and explained that testing is still crucial for those who have received the vaccine. 

Clark County records 4,000 tests a day from public and private providers. The state's COVID-19 Task Force said there are 8,000 recorded tests statewide, daily this week. 

"We have the capacity to do more testing than we are currently doing. Certainly would like more people to get tested. It's very important for anyone with symptoms to continue to get tested," said Dr. Curt Loeff of the Southern Nevada Health District. 

Although it is unusual, you can still get COVID-19 despite receiving the vaccine. If you do have the vaccine, it is recommended you get tested: 

  • if you experience COVID-19 symptoms
  • if you attended a large gathering 
  • it is recommended, if you live with someone who tested positive
Virus Outbreak Las Vegas

A healthcare worker tests a patient in their car at a drive-thru coronavirus testing site run by the University of Nevada Las Vegas School of Medicine and the Nevada National Guard, Friday, July 10, 2020, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher)

If you do not have the vaccine, it is recommended you get tested: 

  • if you experience COVID-19 symptoms
  • if you recently traveled
  • attended a large gathering
  • were exposed to someone with COVID-19 or who is symptomatic 

The same recommendations for those unvaccinated are also recommended for children. Only Americans 16 and older can get the COVID-19 vaccine. 

To make an appointment, go to the SNHD website for free testing.

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What good is a vaccine, if you still end up getting the virus. What are they injecting you with? Good luck, sheeple.

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