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HENDERSON (FOX5) -- The Smith’s Las Vegas warehouse is working around the clock trying to keep up with consumer demands.

Shoppers have been panic-buying because of the coronavirus pandemic. That’s making it hard to keep store shelves stocked, according to Sarah Davies at the Smith’s warehouse in Henderson.

“I can say we are shipping every day,” said Davies.

The empty shelves at grocery and warehouse stores across the country would not be happening if people were shopping like they did before the coronavirus hit the U.S., they said. 

“We get hundreds of trucks in each and every day from our suppliers, the products we need such as water, toilet paper canned goods, cereal and other items,” said Davies.  It takes about 3 hours to unload the average truck.”

Every morning, warehouse employees begin the process all over again loading trucks for their store deliveries then waiting for suppliers and unload their trucks.

The warehouse ships to 75 Smith’s stores in the Las Vegas area, Reno, Utah and New Mexico each morning and then gets ready for their own deliveries in the afternoon.

Davies advises, “Be patient. Shop for what you need and make sure you take care of the people around you.”

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Vegas born

I'm curious..I saw only 1 truck waiting to be unloaded at Smiths on Losee at it just 2 truck of goods per store?..I expected at least 2 or 3 trucks..sigh


Smith's is right. People are causing the pandemic in panic shopping, not the virus itself!

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