Gov. Sisolak addresses the media on Thursday, April 16, 2020. 

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Gov. Steve Sisolak said he was putting "lives before dollars" as it relates to the timeline of reopening Nevada. When will that be? Sisolak said he's relying on the guidance of medical experts before even entertaining the idea of lifting the shutdown.

"I will take the action that is most appropriate for the state of Nevada," Sisolak said. "I cannot end the shutdown until we feel like we're in a good position."

Schools were ordered closed March 15. Since then, families and educators have been expected to provide distance learning opportunities for the youth of Nevada. Two days later, nonessential businesses and casinos were shuttered March 17.


Some Las Vegas officials have been critical of the shutdowns, pleading with the governor to reopen the state to save the economy.

Why Mayor Carolyn Goodman wants to reopen Las Vegas | FULL INTERVIEW

In a Thursday interview with FOX5, Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman said Las Vegans are suffering without jobs to put food on their tables. With a flawed unemployment system, Nevadans have struggled to secure enough funds for basic necessities outside of workplace compensation.

"I'm not going to respond to the attacks or comments made about me," Sisolak said. "I know it's tough to stay home, I know that, but I'm putting lives ahead of dollars."


Sisolak invited Director of Nevada State Public Health Laboratory Dr. Mark Pandori to explain the progress of testing in the state.

On March 24, Nevada was one of three states given FDA approval to develop and assess COVID-19 testing independent of the federal agency. Pandori outlined the process for the system Nevada has developed since then. 

Prior to the state's newfound testing freedom separate from the FDA, Nevada was relying on federal aid for kits. Now, the collection kits are out of supply nationwide. In order to overcome this hurdle, the state lab began constructing their own kits.

"We knew this was something we could build," Pandori said. "A kit is a swab and a transport tube and the fluid inside the transport tube."


  • Swab nasal passage to collect specimen, place in collection kit
  • Extract viruses chromosomes with kit
  • Detect the virus chromosome, if present

During testing, the lab also discovered a shortage of swabs. The lab will also construct these materials, but testing is still a learning process and the system takes time.

"We're not going to put a magic number on the amount of tests needed until the coast is clear," Pandori said. "I don't want to imply that this is enough. We have testing function, but if we want to move forward, we are going to need to do more."


"COVID-19 has symptoms," Pandori said. "Primarily fever, accompanied by a cough or shortness of breath. Consult your healthcare provider immediately."

If necessary, tests are ordered by health care providers. These tests are conducted at public health labs or equipped hospitals that provide testing.


When test results for COVID-19 are negative, it only indicates a patient is negative at that moment. It does not determine a person's exposure or ability to become positive in the future.


Reopening will be gradual, Sisolak said, possibly by industry.

"It's not going to be flip on the light switch and everything goes back to normal because that's not how we're doing things," Sisolak said. "I do not know when that time is going to be. It would be unfair to you to just guess on a date. I won't do that."

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(39) comments


You can get the yearly influenza from a person standing within 6 ft of you. 81,000 died in the US in 6 months during 2017-18 flu season!! Why wasn't the social distance BS started for that years ago in this SOCIALIST country? They are training Americans to be robots! They tell you a lie, tell you what to do, and then you do it. TOTAL CONTROL of the less than rich human


Obviously, Sisolak is no Greg Abbott - the great governor of Texas.


The statement "I know it's tough to stay home, I know that, but I'm putting lives ahead of dollars" shows what a pompous, self righteous, power hungry, irresponsible man Sisolak is. Only someone with a severe superiority complex would respond with such an asinine, self aggrandizing statement in response to the desperate pleas of so many people who are out of work and terrified of what an extended shutdown will mean for their immediate and foreseeable future. It is easy to pontificate from on high like he is when his job is secure, his salary locked in, and his future generally unaffected. He is ignoring the reality of the number of infections, the unbelievably low death rate, the fact that our hospitals have easily handled the influx of patients, and that most people are still leaving home and interacting with others. He is going to crush this state under his power hungry foot, for the sake of so few, and at the cost of so so so many. I hope and pray that he will see through his own self interest, listen to the cries of his constituents, and at least begin opening this State back up for business. I, along with at least a quarter of this State, sit in fear for my job every single day. And all our despicable governor has to say in response is " . . .but I'm putting lives ahead of dollars." Wrong. You're ignorance and inability to lead is putting livelihoods on the chopping block.


3.2 million people in Nevada. 2.3 million in clark county. The unemployment is 50 percent.F.U. Sleezeolak. Goodman for governor. We will have the final say.

Voz de Razon



This guy is a moron! He needs to get out. I understand being safe, but he is causing more harm than good. A gradual start-up is needed, Nevada's numbers are fairly low, and we can't stay entirely closed forever. It's a shame this man was elected. We are going to become another California if he isn't voted out. ...And closing the lake doesn't make any sense...


You are so right. There is no reason not to let the small businesses start opening or even places like Lee's Liquor and just practice social distancing.


I find it interesting the SEIU and the Democrat's put Sisotax in office, and now they are all out of work. Shouldn't the union be pushing for their people to get back to work? The Democrat's only care about destroying the President. Let's get Nevada back on track and make it the great state it once was. #RecallSisolak


No scumolak you are putting politics before the peoples lives . Not only that you broke your oath to the constitution, 1st, 4th, 6 to the 8th. You stole peoples property by closing down business, telling people not to assemble. How many more rights do people want to give up for a flu virus. If he doesnt open up the casinos, NV revenue will fall short, at that point in time he will say that a state income tax will be needed to compensate. Banning a drug that helps fight the effects of this virus but stock pilling it for your own use while the people you govern suffer. This manshould be thrown out and then pay restitution to all of the businesses he screwed over.


This sad excuse for a man is garbage! We MUST VOTE HIM OUT!! Reopen Nevada safely!! Nothing more than a paid for Soros politician and we MUST VOTE HIM OUT BEFORE HE RUINS NEVADA!!


We are not New York, and it is time to open Nevada, and let businesses socially distance. How dare Sisolak pick who he thinks is essential. I would can half of government. What good are they when I need a haircut?


Open our city back up. Nobody is forcing anyone to go out. If you're afraid stay home. We were once the entertainment capital of the world. Now we're the empire of the broke and dirty rump.


You are so right. Also, the businesses would practice social distancing. Actually, they already were before the dictator governor shut it all down.


If we're to remain CLOSED. Then absolutely NO sports games should be taking place. This is NOT fair, nor right to the general public whom would like to get on with living too. And earning a paycheck and have a roof over their heads and food on the table and food to eat. So, NO. IF Sisolak doesn't reopen Vegas, then NO to any SPORTS team playing. This goes throughout the USA. Whiny sports teams get to play to no audience ~ but they're still breaking the social distancing rules if you think about it. So, NO TO ALL SPORTS. Til we are ALL ALLOWED GET ON WITH OUR LIVES!!!


Ah, so he's going along with the others in the Democratic game ~ trying to undermine President Trump. Do any of these Demon-Rats realize that their days are numbered? They will ALL be voted out and kicked to the streets. If Sisolak were wise, he'd reopen Vegas and get the ball rolling again. But, we all know that he is NOT the wise one. Just another puppet on a string. We need the Mayor of Las Vegas to run for Governor. She is spot on and awesome. I knew this would happen, as soon as President Trump said we need to reopen this country by May 1st, that the other goons would defy him and start playing a game. Look at the protest going on around the USA. WE THE PEOPLE will NOT stand for it. If Sisolak wants a protest, its coming. REOPEN VEGAS NOW!!!


You are so right, but unfortunately, Sisolak is not up for re-election until 2022. Also, there is such voter fraud in Nevada that it is unlikely that unless that changes, there will never be another Republican. The dems set it all up with illegals getting licenses and then being registered to vote, same day registration, the ability to extend hours and days of early voting, and of course no voter ID.


This is very simple. Look at the numbers. Around 120 people dead and half of those with underlying illnesses. Granted, no loss of life is good but we were sold a bill of panic which these Democrats endlessly say the worst is yet to come in so and so amount of time, that time passes, then like a broken record the worst is yet to come. With it warming up this glorified china flu will be nonexistent. SISOLAK is by far the worst mistake Nevadans have made in all my 40 years here. Drug overdoses, car accidents, heart disease, diabetes and the typical flu all will take more Nevadan lives than this. Bottom line is Trump was right about this and for those saying 30,000 have died in America from it, one third of that is NY state, the absolute filthiest state in our country. This whole thing sickens me


You are so right about Sisolak being the worst governor along with everything else. You have to wonder, how many people would not have died had Sisolak not prohibited doctors from prescribing life saving medication.


Yet again we say Vegas strong and see stupidity we haven’t hit our peak because of this lock down and you guys want to reopen it’s not just washing your hands I hope none of you’re loved ones get sick because when real life hits it hits hope you enjoy your money because obviously money can’t by happiness depressed in your own homes that money put you in !!


Businesses should have the option of opening and practice social distancing.

Voz de Razon


Please continue to hide under your bed from the scary bug.

The rest of us are out here already. Since Sisotax doesn't mingle with the commoners, he erroneously thinks everyone is "cowering in place". But we're already out so if he gave the official release, nothing would change except that people could go to work instead of just "out". If he hasn't seen the dreaded spike, opening won't cause it. People are already out--just not working. ☹


Las Vegas is probably the worst off city in America. It is literally a one-pony show - gaming. Stop gaming and the whole thing comes crashing down. Most other businesses exist to support those that work in gaming, so when they aren't working nobody else is much either. Once gaming resumes, even if only in the neighborhood casinos and gas stations, life will start becoming more normal again. Biggest mistake Sisolak made though was shutting down Lake Mead. I can't think of many other places where thousands could go and because the place is so big still stay far apart from each other. I go out on Lake Mead Blvd and park out in the hills and so far nobody has come within a thousand feet of my car except when driving by. You want social isolation? That's social isolation even without the fifty odd square miles in the park itself.

Voz de Razon

I can't imagine anyone ever accusing Dear Leader Sisolak of being smart.

The most galling thing for me is that he and his unelected bureaucrat "experts" are still drawing paychecks while prohibiting the rest of us. Of course they have no problem extending indefinitely. 🤬😠😡


Democrats always tell us what they think by what they say, and usually the opposite is the truth. So, when Sisolak says he puts lives ahead of dollars, he means just the opposite.

Voz de Razon

Especially since the "virus" could affect a certain number of random people.

A bad economy hurts EVERYBODY!

But that's what Sisotax really wants.

Comment deleted.
Voz de Razon



It's time to open when nurses, paramedics, PA's, AND Fnps are being laid off due to lack of patients it's time. Enough with the erroneous bs. Time to stop killing the working people if nevada.


So true. Sisolaks decisions alone are killing businesses in Nevada.


The Governor is in a very bad situation right now. Will Sisolak invoke the 10 amendment during this time of coming pressure decisions? No more small business money left for small businesses is that really true? Unemployment website still not working and phones lines are still busy and people on hold for 5-8 hours? WOW Sisolak in a very bad spot right now with people unemployment. Try to have some compassion. Sisolak is still getting paid and no pressure on paying bills. Lets wait and see what happens with the state. Maybe he will have a family who lost everything due to his shutdown, over for dinner and say "let's be patient". Maybe he will also tell the small business owner who cannot pay the bills the same thing. Lets wait and see if Sisolak is willing to have dinner plans with these people. Lets give him a break hes in a very bad place right now over this Virus. .


Has anybody sent out a search party for Jim Murren? Haven't see him since this MORON Governor appointed him as the Nevada Recovery Czar. We do know one thing for sure, a State Income Tax is coming. I would also wager an increase in property taxes as well.

Voz de Razon

Sisolak needs to get off his high horse and out of his bubble. He has convinced himself that everyone is "cowering in place". If he got out of the castle a little bit, he'd see that very few are following his dictatorial decree. We're out here anyway. And.....surprise! No spike!

So if he would get his boot off our collective throats, he could be out AND productive.

His "lives over dollars" might fool the simpletons hiding under their beds from a virus that gets its lunch money taken by pneumonia and other worse viruses. But all he's really saying is that he's not ready to end the sugar rush of power that the overrated CoronApocalypse gave him.

Whether we open up slowly or immediately, no spike will be observed because we're all already out in the world. We just want to be productive.


The Democratic governors were told by their handlers not to open up. Their marching orders were to wait as long as they can. Democrats don't care about American workers. The economy will die because of this foolish hatred for President Trump.


EXACTLY correct.

Voz de Razon

A virus can kill random people.

A loss of everything due to economic collapse will be societal implosion and death all around.

This remedy is much worse than the overrated CoronApocalypse itself.


Amen to that!


So true; it's democrat though, not democratic.


100% right brother. Globalism is a real threat but too many people would rather listen to state run media and lifelong politicians who mysteriously became millionaires than look at the actual facts. They're all so scared of their own shadows they'd rather live in darkness

Voz de Razon

Sisolak needs to get off his high horse and out of his bubble. Very few people are "cowering in place" despite his dictatorial decree. So if he hasn't seen a spike, he's not going to see a spike. If he lifted his boot off our collective throats, the only thing that would change, would be that we'd be out working and spending as opposed to just out recreating.

He's convinced himself that everybody is obeying his arbitrary mandate and that his waiving of said order will change our congregating and mingling.

If he would just be intellectually honest and get over the sugar rush of power, he'd see the whole thing was not the CoronApocalypse that we were sold. In fact, numbers bear out that this was just an average flu season with a great public relations blitz and a cooperative media push.

If he opens it up slowly or all at once, it's the same. We're all out here already. And no spike.


Open up Lake Mead. You can stay a thousand feet away from others with no problems. And if you are still scared, stay in your car with the windows up.

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