0730 sisolak second special session

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak issued the formal proclamation to call the Nevada Legislature into a special session beginning Friday, July 31 at 9 a.m.

The session will be the second held in 2020 to address significant policy issues that cannot wait until the regular legislative session scheduled for February 2021. This will be the 32nd Special Session in Nevada’s history. 

 “I again look forward to collaborating with Nevada legislators to meet the challenges that are unfortunately before us,” said Gov. Steve Sisolak in a statement on Thursday. “In order to protect the time necessary to address the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, my expectation is that this special session will be thorough and as efficient as possible.” 

The proclamation by the governor sets the agenda for the session and limits the business that may be considered by lawmakers while they are in special session.  

In the proclamation, the following policy items are included for consideration: 

  • Addressing criminal and social justice policy reform 

  • Working to ensure Nevadans, businesses, workers and the unemployed have the support and protections they need as they battle COVID-19 

  • Ensuring Nevadans can exercise their fundamental right to vote in a way that does not dangerously expose them to increased risk of COVID-19 infection  

  • Helping stabilize Nevada businesses so they don’t suffer continued economic hits and establishing safety standards for the workers who are keeping our economy going  

  • Removing statutory barriers impeding the work of Nevada’s unemployment insurance program  

  • Providing authority for the Judicial Branch to implement alternative dispute resolution measures in cases of rental evictions 

  • Additional items requested by Legislative Counsel Bureau related to the Legislative Branch

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We appreciate your commitment! Even when there is a handful on people who are selfish, we will continue to put the vulnerable above our own needs! For every vulnerable person out there with health conditions....we are with you! We will follow guidlines to help prevent the spread! And to our health care workers!... we are thankful! tlTHANK YOU!

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