LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A July report looking at housing in Nevada revealed as many as 300,000 Nevadans could be facing evictions when the rent moratorium expires in September.

A Las Vegas landlord based in Arizona said he hasn’t seen a penny from his tenant in months. He asked for anonymity. 

"When this all started we decided, oh let's give him a break so we knocked 450 dollars off March's rent and figured -- OK. Let's let him catch up or whatever. Who knows what's happening?” he said.

“He did come up with $400. And then he came up with three suggestions of his on how he could keep up with his payments. Each time we agreed, he wouldn't make any payments at all and we haven't seen a penny since that $400."

The landlord said the tenant told him he was getting about $1,000 per week. That would usually be rent money that goes towards the property.

"We still have to pay the taxes. We have insurance which comes out to about 4-5 months’ worth of rent plus if anything breaks down on the house, we still have to fix it," the landlord said.

This landlord said he empathizes with people in a tough spot financially right now.

"They're staggering all over and we realize that - I realize that,” he said regarding the Guinn report. “But if he would make some kind of effort to pay anything a month, you know?"

Read the full report by clicking here.

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I started my first business when i was 23. now at 63 i have learned. i will never have employees in America, i will never have a office outside of my home. I will never own a rental property and i always keep around 400k in the bank.

The Democrats have destroyed my busienss twice, its sad to see the Democrats are doing to everyone with this fake pandemic and election year politics


If you can't pay your rent, you get evicted. Too bad, so sad. The rest of us have to pay our bills and don't get to cry and want exceptions. A few weeks living in your car might teach you folks a lesson or two.


Pay up or get out! The last time I checked the government continues to require we pay property taxes, utilities and insurance.

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