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LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Red Rock Search and Rescue played a major role in getting the Cashman ISO-Q facility built and now medical operations are being overseen by the organization’s board president.

“We worked about 10-12 days straight setting up tents, cots, partitions,” Red Rock S.A.R. Commander Donald Moore said.  “It’s a very unique facility.”

The Cashman project isn’t their typical search and rescue mission, but Moore said city leaders recognize what they bring to the table.

“That was a unique assignment that actually came in as a request from Mayor Goodman,” he said. “We handle every assignment, whether it’s a search and rescue assignment or a training assignment, we handle this as a mission.”

For most of the volunteers, when the facility opened Monday night it was “mission accomplished.” But for one, it was only just beginning.

“This is the most vulnerable patient populations in the city - often times, they are the forgotten patient population,” Dr. Marc O’Griofa said on Monday.

What he didn’t talk about was his other volunteer work with Red Rock Search and Rescue.

“Dr. O’Griofa is actually on our board of directors as our board president,” Moore said. "He joined the team as a search member several years ago just to be able to assist and bring some of his medical expertise.”

O’Griofa started in Dublin and ended up running the facility in Las Vegas. How?

“That’s a long story and Marc could probably give you a full recap on it,” Moore said. “But he has specialized training in medicine, both tactical, and he’s done quite a bit of work with NASA. He does work with North American rescue. And I know he has a very very good background of figuring things out medically and getting things accomplished successfully.”

“Not to be crude, but we’re trying to make sure that aren’t patients out there on the street dying behind a dumpster because nobody saw them. Nobody identified them. And then nobody had the facility in place to look after them,” O’Griofa said Monday.

“He seems like the perfect candidate to take on - putting a camp together in less than two weeks and then managing it from a medical standpoint,” Moore said. “He seems like the perfect person for that assignment.”

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