Allegiant Stadium

Las Vegas Raiders' Allegiant Stadium is seen. (Jason O'Rear)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The Las Vegas Raiders are ready to offer up its stadium should local health officials need it for a mass COVID-19 vaccination site.

In a statement, the Raiders organization said it has discussed using Allegiant Stadium as a vaccination site.

"The Raiders and local authorities have discussed the use of Allegiant Stadium as a COVID-19 vaccination site," the team said in a statement. "The stadium will be made available as soon as local health authorities are ready to deploy large scale vaccinations."

Late last week, the NFL wrote a letter to Pres. Joe Biden's administration, saying it would offer up all 30 stadiums for COVID-19 vaccinations if needed. Seven stadiums in the league are already being used for vaccination.

Clark County and Southern Nevada Health District officials have yet to comment on using Allegiant Stadium as a vaccination site as of Friday.

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(3) comments


Nothing like standing inside a giant toilet bowl waiting for an experimental vaccine that may or may not work. And may give you a bad reaction. But, hey, anything to keep our governor happy. Otherwise more lockdowns.


An6ything to keep up the desperate illusion and fear mongering. Could just focus on Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Cashman, and the health department outlets and spread it out, but that wouldn't give the same effect when taking pictures I guess.

It's a JOKE.


What's scary about using a stadium to distribute a vaccine? It's a just a large pubic building with a high capacity and lots of parking. We used Cashman Field the same way back in the 50s for the polio vaccine, and that was the old Cashman that only had stands on the first base side of the field.

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