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LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Protesters hit the Las Vegas Strip Friday afternoon, calling for the end of Nevada's stay-at-home order during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Conservative radio host Wayne Allyn Root organized the protest, which started at the Las Vegas South Premium Outlets on Las Vegas Boulevard near Warm Springs.

Organizers touted the event as "America's First Interactive Drive-Thru Protest Caravan."'


Supporters join in the "Open Nevada" caravan drive-thru protest on Friday, April 24, 2020.

Protesters were calling for the reopening of the Nevada economy and said they are also supporting small business owners, Las Vegas Strip employees and Las Vegas mayor Carolyn Goodman, who has called for the reopening of the state in national TV interviews this week.


Las Vegas police monitor the "Open Nevada" caravan drive-thru protest on Friday, April 24, 2020.

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The protest, which was taking place in people's cars, was set to leave the outlet mall before traveling the Strip and ending at the Grant Sawyer Building on Washington Avenue.

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(17) comments


The voice of DOOM has spoken again. All that said in your comment was just what people don't want to hear who lost their job, had to close business ,layoff workers, and if they owe rent on a place still have to pay it at some point. From all the comments of people who say all the reasons to keep Vegas closed for sure are having income streams. Not everyone qualifies for the government programs from owning a business. Not everyone qualifies for unemployment. Not everyone has a great situation like voice of DOOM. Everyone wants to talk about numbers. How many negative cases were there in NV from all the test? How many people recovered? DOOM numbers are always looked at from DOOM people. One last thing to look at is RAW data versus EMPIRICAL data. I'm sure DOOM can understand the difference. Stay home DOOM. DOOM brings DOOM. Keep listening to the Prophets of DOOM wherever or whoever they may be and see how it all turns out. Have a nice day in VEGAS.

Voice of Reason

SO you people don't care about the health of the rest of the millions of people in Clark County, BOYCOTT Las Vegas, ESPECIALLY these small businesses that want to put the rest of us at risk. Our numbers have stayed relatively okay compared to the rest of the country BECAUSE OF OUR GOVERNOR AND HIS BRAVE DECISIONS now you want to destroy all the good that we have all done by staying indoors because you're freaking bored??????? We need to find out the names of these businesses that these people own because to be honest, they are dangerous and nobody should go anywhere near them. Not to worry a HUGE overwhelming number of Nevadans are doing the right thing, the protestors don't matter. The numbers of Covid are RISING and have not started to decline to make it safe to REOPEN ANYTHING. You idiots have turned this political and its NOT. The strip workers WILL NOT return to work until our cases have SIGNIFICANTLY started to decline and stay that way, go ahead and try to reopen things when nobody shows up. Just because you 'protestors' have no life outside of hitting the bars and casinos on Fridays to cash your check, doesn't mean the huge majority of Nevadan's won't do the right thing and stay in until the numbers show otherwise. Your couple hundred opinions don't matter when it comes to ours and our families lives. It is what it is, medicine and science are on our side and you people are making yourselves look even more clueless. IF these small businesses get the green light to open and put the rest of us and our families in jeopardy, we need to BOYCOTT them and get some good attorneys who will be willing to jump on lawsuits if people get Covid-19 from contact in ANY of them, this goes for any business large or small who feels that they don't have to take this seriously. Small businesses are getting aid from the government and have no reason to open now, if you can't go a month or two in the event of crisis, you aren't that good of a business owner anyway. April 1 we had 1458 cases in Nevada, less than a month later we have 4539, for the uneducated, this means that the cases are climbing considerably with NO leveling out or what you say or want is irrelevant. The real people here won't come to your open businesses and the tourists are already talking a boycott of Las Vegas because of our clueless mayor not caring about anyones safety. Take your bored selves home and do the right thing for everyone for once in your lives instead of being the whiny crybabies you always are. GROW UP and realize nobody cares about what you think, you are extremely outnumbered here.

3rd Generation Las Vegan

You inconsiderate POS. I’m not bored, I’m a struggling father, the unemployment system here stinks, I haven’t got my stimulus (yet) and food bank lines take forever. It’s nice I’m not getting evicted but that doesn’t mean I’m living rent free, when we come out of this I’ll owe thousands of dollars. I’m a young working class father, HOW MUCH SAVINGS DO YOU THINK I HAVE!?!? The shut down was never about saving lives, it was about keeping our health care system from being overwhelmed and collapsing, well mission accomplished, we hit out peak weeks ago and the hospitals are fine, in fact they are closing hospitals all over the country. If you’re scared or a person who’s vulnerable then stay in your home but everyone else has a life to get back to.


The needs of many out weigh the needs of a few. If you are too scared to leave your house then stay home. Don't condemn other people for wanting all this c##p to stop. They want to go back to work. I feel for all of them. Sisolak will be a one term governor.

Voz de Razon

Well said, Nevermore!!

Voice of Reason

whatever lol. The huge majority of us work on the strip and are not willing to go back to work until we see that the numbers have declined across the US and stay that way. Keep dreaming, the workers on the strip applaud our Governor and stand proudly with him


DeresrtDonna52 your completely lost in the whole point of the rally we all can see. Apparently you have a job or income right now. Most people are waiting for the BROKEN unemployment website that was down for a very very very long time. You don't know what the people are going through calling them selfish.for not doing something for the community. When was the last time you went to a food pantry, a pawnshop to get money or sell something just to put food on the table for children. It's a great situation you are in compared to these people wanting to get the State opened up. You really should be in the line for food distribution and see what it feels like.


Sisolak is keeping las vegas closed to ENSLAVE NEVADA. He knows that 150,000 workers will not be rehired, he is such a failure that 100,000 people have NO income because unemployment is broken. People are desperate, thats how Comminism works. He is doing this to create a welfare state of voters stuck home to allow for mail in VOTER FRAUD. Sisolak is a crooked tyrant. Dont be fooled by his fake tears...hes garbage and works for Soros to destroy America

Voice of Reason

You people need to look at the NUMBERS and stop getting your information from Facebook LOL.

John de Robeck

I don't think "tyrant" means what you think it means.

What's "Comminism"? Something hiding under your bed?


Nobody depicted above has a mask. Groups of Police mingle together nobody is 6 feet apart. So seriously who is fooling who here? If you can shop at Walmart you can shop at Petsmart. You can dine inside a McDonalds. You can even get your hair done and your toenails trimmed. The only point to any of this the Chinese are being paid thru Walmart and others while Americans are self imprisoned and spending their savings. What amazes me is most seem to approve of this silliness. We lose more people to medical errors every week than to COVID-19. Where's that outrage hiding? Steve Sisolak can continue to play his games, Nevadans have had enough, it's over folks.


THANK YOU! Mcdonalds is closed at 9pm to fight tje virus doesnt infect during the day? Its all b.s. to ruin tje economy and create a welfare state and mail in voter fraud. Sisolak is a terrorist and a corrupt thief. He will steal the money from the Fed meant for mom and pop business. VOTE HIM OUT

Voice of Reason

Nevadans who matter support the Governor. We know he is getting his information from science and not boredom. Things need to stay closed until the numbers and science show otherwise. Period.


Why can't these selfish people do something for the community, instead of for themselves? Other people are staying safe and keeping others safe. Some are making masks to help the community. The checks from the Government, I guess, aren't enough to these selfish individuals, they are not interested in the community as a whole.


Who are you to tell others what to do? YOURE SELFISH! How do you expect parents to feed their kids you self centered , judgemental cow? None of your business what they want to do, you stay home and hide under a blanket with your cats. People like you are how Hitler came to power, you probably think abortion is Healthcare too because you read it on Facebook...idiot. Youre a media dolt and a busy body.

Voice of Reason

I get that you came to Vegas because you like hitting those corner bars and casinos on Fridays to get your beer, but nobody cares what you think. We have education and facts on our side and the huge majority of Nevada sides with us. A few old bored people get together and drive their cars on the strip, a couple news outlets pick it up and you think anyone cares? Trust me, the Governor is in contact with medical geniuses who are guiding him just as they have since day 1. If he had not closed things down as he did (no thanks to that talking head, illiterate joke of a 'mayor') we would be looking at thousands dead right now. Go find yourself a nice senior magazine or some reruns of 60's sitcoms to watch and leave the real decisions to those who matter and make this city actually work.


[beam][beam][beam] LOL! You are truly something special, ain't ya? Look, I have noticed NO ONE doin' the STAY AT HOME orders. People are OUTSIDE. They're walking, jogging, riding bikes, etc and of course shopping. Some have the stupid mask on and some do not. Most of us are just NOT that stupid and don't have a mask on. Sisoloak's days are numbered. In fact, he needs to be replaced ASAP. He doesn't care about the people. Time to recall the old boy. OPEN UP VEGAS! People need to get back to work and earning a paycheck and be able to buy food and pay the rent/mortgage and bills. If he doesn't do anything, this will ALL rest on his shoulders and he will have to LIVE WITH IT.

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