LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A 35-year-old mother to be died two weeks after being put on a ventilator at a Las Vegas hospital.

Kimmie Pavone was raised in Boulder City. She was the youngest of six siblings. Her oldest sister by 16 years, Vena Foster, lives in Henderson. 

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“She could never say my name so she used to call me Bena, and so she would go I love you Bena," Foster said.

Foster said her sister and her husband Mike lived in Pahrump. They tried for eight years to get pregnant and finally this year that dream came true.

“She was so excited, she just wanted to be a mom so bad," Foster said.

In the beginning of August, Pavone's smooth pregnancy took a turn. On August 6 she tested positive for COVID-19.

"About four or five days after that she called me and she was crying on the phone and it hurts so bad to breathe and I’m coughing like crazy," Foster said.

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On August 11, Pavone was admitted into the emergency room at Spring Valley Hospital.

Hospital staff were aware she was dealing with COVID-19, but were more worried about the pneumonia she developed. They put her on oxygen, and eventually the mask she had on prevented her from being able to talk. During the last conversation between the sisters Pavone said 'I love you' in sign language. 

On August 17, Pavone was put on a ventilator.

"They said we’re going to have to put her on a ventilator, so they let her Facetime her husband. Talk to him. Tell each other how much they love each other, put her on a ventilator and I know my sister was very scared," Foster said.

Within three to four hours after being heavily sedated on the ventilator, Pavone's baby was in stress and doctors performed an emergency C-section.

“She’s the most beautiful little girl. My sister never got to hold her- doesn’t even know she had her," Foster said.

Jordyn Rose was born at 30 weeks, weighing 3 pounds and 10 ounces. She's currently at Spring Valley's NICU.

Within two weeks after being on a ventilator a fever returned. On Monday, staff used ice packs to control the fever. On Wednesday, September 1, Pavone died.

“Wednesday morning they took, they went ahead and took the intubation tube out and put a new one in because of bacteria and so forth and it was just a couple hours after that she had a heart attack," Foster said.

It was explained to Foster that not enough oxygen was getting to her heart. 

“If you ask me, my sister gave her life for that baby. I think literally gave her life for that baby and I want that little girl to know that," Foster said.

Pavone and her husband were not vaccinated. During Pavone's time at the hospital her husband Mike dealt with the virus himself. Foster said her sister made the decision not to be vaccinated from advice she got from her physicians, and research she did on her own.

“Everything they researched at that time came up that it put you at a very high risk of a miscarriage. She had been waiting so long for this baby she was not going to chance that," Foster said.

She stands behind every pregnant woman to make their own decision.

“If a woman wants to get vaccinated after being pregnant that’s their choice, and I invite them to research it. Come up with their own decision," Foster said.

Foster and the rest of the extended family are grieving the loss of Pavone, and ready to welcome the life of Jordyn Rose. They originally were planning a baby shower on October 2, since Pavone was due at the end of October.  Foster and other family members are planning to hold a baby shower when Jordyn Rose is released from the hospital.

Anyone who would like to help Mike, who now will live off of one income to raise Jordyn Rose, can head to their Gofundme page. 

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(9) comments


The "news" seems thrilled to report on "covid deaths" surprised her "vaccine status" wasnt in the headline. SICKOS.


If you catch COVID, whatever you do, don't go to the hospital. Drink a lot of fluids and take care of yourself like you had the flu. How many people have you heard of dying from it at home? The hospitals will kill because they get paid $48k per COVID death. Don't do it.


You are absolutely correct- hospital workers are killing people. Most arent even citizens.


Do you have ANY IDEA how foolish you sound?


To answer your question, I heard of many who have died of covid at home because they did not get medical care. Here is an article of a women to went to hospital, beat covid and returned home to find her husband dead from covid.


This is why people need to get vaccinated. Those who are against the vaccine and spreading misinformation have sealed the fate of the vulnerable ones. Learn from lessons like this one that your friends or family can't save you form this deadly virus with all their loose speech, they are only going to be your downfall if you take the advice of not getting vaccinated. Ask yourself would you rather face this virus or any of its future variants without protection? Are you prepared for it? Then if your answer is no , its simple, go get vaccinated and at least have the peace of mind of protection. If your answer is yes and you are not yet sick from the virus, then count your blessings and what ever variant spins the gun in your attempt at Russian roulette , hope it doesn't spin in your direction. If you think you have great odds then try and figure out why so many are dying and why you haven't, oh right that would make you a virologist;)) Here's a clue : "You are not one!"




Spot on, jeezlouise!


Ahem...speaking of 'dolts' ... Do you have any idea what you're talking about? NO. You do not. Vaccinations have been given to BILLIONS of humans. They are incredibly safe. COVID, on the other hand, has killed close to 5 million worldwide & 640,000 in the U.S. This nonsense you post is nothing but garbage.

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