LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The protocols for scheduling a second dose COVID-19 shot have changed at pop-up clinics to become slightly less specific, a Southern Nevada Health District representative said.

"People do not schedule follow up appointments on-site anymore. Originally, people were offered the option to schedule second doses on site. This was done when the systems were new and the registration sites weren’t always accessible to everyone," said Jennifer Sizemore with SNHD.

SNHD reported on their website last week that they don't have any single dose Johnson and Johnson shots on hand. Still, pop-up vaccine clinics continue around the valley.

"The state's working to acquire more Johnson and Johnson," said Glen Simpson, senior director for Community Ambulance, the company that administered shots at the Las Vegas Raiders game Monday.

As a result, at pop-up vaccine clinics like the one at Monday's game, they're offering one of the two-dose shots, even to people who don't live in Las Vegas.

"We were able to offer Pfizer and Moderna to anyone who came through," said Simpson.

That included one man whose wife spoke with FOX5 at Allegiant Stadium outside of their alternate screening tent for vaccination.

Ravens Raiders Football

Mel Ondik gives a COVID-19 vaccine to Joseph Garduno before an NFL football game between the Las Vegas Raiders and the Baltimore Ravens, Monday, Sept. 13, 2021, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/David Becker)

"My husband just has to get his vaccine," said Liz Trionfo.

The alternate screening tent, which held weekend hours in the days prior, was designed to help people with their Clear vaccine verification app, to try and alleviate some of the jam that would be created on Monday, according to Simpson.

On Saturday and Sunday, Simpson said they prescreened 3,400 people.

"That was 3,400 less people that we had to worry about come Monday," said Simpson. Overall, he estimated that anywhere from about 6,000 to 7,500 people attended the alternate screening tent.

But the tent also offered COVID-19 shots to those interested, and Simpson said more were interested than he'd first anticipated.

"What was most impressive to us was the vaccination line. We didn't anticipate that a lot of folks would actually come out to the pop-up clinic, but in fact, we ended up vaccinating 287 individuals that received their first shot of Pfizer or Moderna," said Simpson. "Truth be told, we expected anywhere from about 30 to 50 people to show up. So, when that line kept going, we had to go get more vaccine to ensure that everybody in line left with a shot."

He said the vaccine administrators took time to educate their shot recipients on the importance of a second dose. He added that on their CDC vaccination card, they wrote in the date on which they'd become eligible for their next dose.

"Hopefully they follow through, and hopefully they get that second shot," said Simpson. "If they don't, one shot is better than no shot, so we're very proud of the efforts that we were able to accomplish at that pop-up clinic."

But the second shot doesn't have to be from them. Because there's such wide availability for the vaccine right now, he said people shouldn't have any problem finding a second dose.

"You could probably pick up the phone right now and call Walgreens. I don't even know if you have to call them. I think you can walk right into Walgreens and get the shot, first or second dose, yeah, based on where you're at," said Simpson.

If you need help scheduling vaccine appointments, the Southern Nevada Health District suggests calling 1-800-401-0946.


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All east people now are beginning to realize that this virus is real and that the vaccine is saving lives. All three of the vaccines work and are effective which is being proven right now. These radio talk show hosts like Wayne Allan Root and Steve Sanchez of KDWN in Las Vegas ,need to stop spreading misinformation about the vaccine and rather than causing people to fear getting it but should be helping people . These two radio hosts are not valuable to life and will not save yours and they live behind their pearly white gates hidden from the public so that they can mouth off against the vaccine without repercussion. They are complete fools and are designed to make people fear getting the vaccine. Well , I can tell you from the standpoint of this virus is that it is vicious and taking lives, so get vaccinated and be smart about it.


Bill Gates depopulation drug to make you sterile or dead...enjoy the tyranny.

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