LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Some people have found another way to get the COVID-19 vaccine and it doesn’t always involve struggling to find an available appointment.

"When the waste list started is when I said, 'oh my God, we can start trying to get you on these lists,'" said Natalie Holbert.

Holbert said she heard about “waste lists” online and then found people talking about them on a local Facebook group.  

“As soon as I joined, someone had posted that they had just got on the wait list that morning and that they were vaccinated that day,” she said.

Holbert then said she signed up, hoping to get a friend vaccinated who has a serious pre-existing health condition, but is not part of the tier group eligible to be vaccinated right now.

“I got on the list Saturday morning and he got the shot Sunday afternoon,” said Holbert.


The Moderna COVID-19 vaccine arrives in Nevada on Monday, Dec. 21, 2020.

Walmart officials confirmed the lists at its pharmacies.

Walmart and Sam’s Clubs around the country, including Nevada, started offering vaccine at stores last week. Walmart officials confirmed people can ask to be on a list by either calling or visiting a store pharmacy.

People on the list are called to come in if someone is a no-show for a shot. Walmart's spokesperson said they try to give shots to those in the current tier, but if none are on the list, they will give vaccine to others to make sure an open vial of vaccine doesn't go bad and is thrown away.

Holbert said she doesn’t want to cut in line to help her friends get shots. She said she helped another friend with a pre-existing health condition get on a list and get a shot, too. But she doesn’t want to see vaccine wasted and doesn’t want her friends to get COVID-19, like she did last month.

“I feel so fortunate to have gotten such a mild case that I want to do everything I can to make sure no one else gets it,” said Holbert.

Walmart officials said anyone on a list who ends up getting a shot will be set up for a second dose. FOX5 has heard of other companies doing lists as well, but Walmart is the first to confirm.

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