LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Parents across Nevada are advised to plan now, ahead of the federal government's authorization of the Pfizer vaccine for minors 12 to 15 years old, to help plan for summer activities and the return of school in the fall.

The Food and Drug Administration could give the green light to the first COVID-19 vaccine for older children as early as next week. Doses could arrive in Nevada in late May. 

Unlike the vaccines for adults, the Biden administration has a targeted approach for distribution to pediatricians and pharmacies with walk-in capabilities.

According to Nevada's COVID-19 Task Force, pop-up sites at schools and community centers could also help administer the vaccine. 

"Parents should ask questions from a trusted health professional," said Heidi Parker with Immunize Nevada. The organization will be posting guidelines for parents, as well as where vaccines for children will be offered online on their website.

Doctors recommend that all eligible children get the vaccine before returning to summer school, sports or fall semester. The timing will be crucial for parents to plan with other mandatory vaccines. Children in kindergarten, seventh grade, students who move from out of state and college students will be mandated to get certain vaccines in Nevada. 

Dr. Pamela Greenspon of Desert Valley Pediatrics encourages parents to plan the sequences of doses throughout the summer, as wellness checks, physical exams, and mandatory vaccines will dominate pediatricians' schedules. 

"We still want kids to get kids caught up on the vaccines they got behind on during the pandemic. We can counsel them on how to time that," Dr. Greenspon said. 

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