LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Almost 70% of Clark County residents age 12 and older has at least one dose of the vaccine, but some groups are falling behind.

Federal and state officials have said it can be a challenge to reach minorities, even with community vaccine clinics in neighborhoods. 

According to Bloomberg, Nevada had one of the fifth-lowest vaccination rates for Black Americans.

According to the Southern Nevada Health District, African Americans have the lowest vaccination rate of any group: 

  • White: 42%
  • Hispanic: 53%
  • Asian:62%
  • Native American: 48%
  • African American: 38%

The health district said not all people choose to disclose their vaccination status, so the numbers may not be entirely accurate. Regardless, officials from the health district have said they want to help improve those numbers.

Chief Medical Officer for the health district Dr. Fermin Leguen said on Wednesday that the there is a continued effort to reach out to underserved, under vaccinated communities. 

Martin L. King Senior Center

David Williams receives a COVID-19 vaccine at the Martin Luther King Senior Center, Wednesday, Feb. 10, 2021, in North Las Vegas. The "pop-up" clinic was held to serve under-vaccinated areas in Las Vegas. 

"The work is not over to reach black communities across the valley," Leguen said. 

Leguen added that the district is planning and meeting with community leaders and lawmakers to get the message out about the importance of the vaccine and COVID-19 testing.

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After the Tuskegee study, can anybody really blame them for being hesitant of an experimental vaccine?


Not to mention the reports in the forked tongue media of people getting sick with covid even while vaccinated, some even dying, and the higher than usual side effects. I don't blame them either. Heck, I don't blame anybody for not wanting to take that vaccine.

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