LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Students in the medical field are calling their new gig a once in a lifetime experience. Nursing students at UNLV, CSN and NSC administered COVID-19 vaccines at the UNLV student union mass vaccination site on Wednesday.

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"It's so cool. It feels like I’m apart of history,” UNLV nursing student Kelsey Thompson said. “It's why I got into nursing, right? To make a difference."

Thompson has come across hundreds of people in her several days administering the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine. When people step into the chair beside her to be inoculated, she's come across just about every emotion in the book.

"The first clinical I had, [the woman] was literally waving her arms around. She's like 'I'm so excited! I'm so psyched!'"

However, there are Nevadans the nursing students see are scared to receive the shot.

"I actually had one lady pass out after she got the vaccine, but it was just anxiety. It had nothing to do with the vaccine at all,” Thompson said. “Some people are really scared, and it's okay. You just talk them through it."

This is the first clinical experience for many of these young medical students, like CSN nursing student Martina Yousif.

"Some of them [are] kind of surprised, because they don’t even feel they got the injection. Some of them are like 'I'm done with this it's over," Yousif said.

"The act of placing the needle isn't that complicated. What's really interesting, and what's really good for them is the experience when they're talking to people,” UNLV School of Medicine vice dean Dr. Michael Gardner said. “We literally have people breaking down in tears, because you can just see the fear over the last year wash away."

More than 18,000 doses of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine have been administered at the UNLV vaccination site since it opened in January.

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