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In this July 5, 2014, file photo, dealer Omar Abu-Eid adjusts a stack of chips before the first day of the World Series of Poker main event at at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

UPDATE: Players in the 2021 World Series of Poker are not required to wear masks while seated at poker tables, the tournament announced on Tuesday.

The WSOP posted on Twitter that the tournament will operate under a Nevada Emergency Directive which allows approved conventions and large events to choose between requiring masks for all attendees, or allowing attendees to ditch the masks so long as proof of vaccination is required for all attendees so. 

The tournament announced in late August that it will require all attendees to be fully vaccinated. 

"With all attendees required to be fully vaccinated, players will be able to remove their masks while seated at poker tables," said a post on the WSOP Twitter page. 

Original story continues below. 

ORIGINAL STORY (AUG. 27): LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Players in the 2021 World Series of Poker are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

WSOP says players must provide proof of being fully vaccinated prior to registration for the tournament, which will be held at the Rio Hotel and Casino in September and November.

"In order to be considered 'fully vaccinated' you must receive your final vaccine dose at least 14 days prior to your entry date," WSOP notes on its website.

Organizers note that a negative COVID-19 test result will not be accepted. "registration is limited to those showing proof of full vaccination," WSOP says.

WSOP also notes that with Nevada under a mask mandate for indoor public gatherings, those attending will also be required to wear a face mask.

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(11) comments


I saw 100 kids at a school on Spencer and Robindale walking the school yard at recess all in a line wearing masks outdoors in 80 degrees on a beautiful fall day and they all walked slowly and looked like DEPRESSED PRISON INMATES!!!!! ALL OF YOU PARENTS ALLOWING YOUR KIDS TO BE PSYCHOLOGICALLY AND PHYSICALLY ABUSED AND CONDITIONED TO BE VOICELESS FACELESS S LAVES ARE P SYCHOTIC. SOMEONE STEP UP AND SAVE THESE KIDS FTOM THE MONSTERS DOING THIS TO THEM. Grown men degenerate gamblers dont have to but kids are being dehumanized and its DISGUSTING


The CDC and the teacher's union are causing children to lose their childhood. Once lost it is never regained. FJB


Wow republicans are pathetic cry babies!



Spare me. There are no true republicans, like there is no true democrats. It's one big uniparty and the majority of us that love this country are not in it.


The best thing for all of us is to have a legitimate third party arise either on the left or the right. It will force the democrats to act like democrats and the republicans to act like republicans. It would also help to get money out of politics, it's too easy for corporate interests to buy both parties.


Sisiolak needs to get rid of the mask mandate, get rid of the eviction moratorium or release the payments to landlords.


This is Big Pharma Fascism. I live in Las Vegas and have happily played every year since 2008, but I will boycott Big Pharma Fascist ID Passports and the WSOP until they end this digital Fascism. This is the beginning of the Globalist Marxist Social Credit Score. You and God do not control your own bloodstream. Big Pharma Fascism controls your bloodstream; headed by Bill Gates (“vaccines will take down world population”; I thought ‘vaccines’ save lives!), Klaus Schwab of the book, ‘The Great Reset,’ a 21st Century ‘Mein Kampf (“you will own nothing, and you will be happy”), and Anthony Fauci (he did a study in 2008 concluding that deaths from 1918 Spanish Flu was mainly caused by bacterial pneumonia [which can linger from mask wearing]. I’m a choice-vaxxer, it’s your body your choice. If you want to get shot up with Bill Gates poison then go do so. If you’re vaccinated then you have nothing to worry about (I’m Naturally-vaccinated, I have nothing to worry about). If you’re Big Pharma Fascism vaccine is not working, then stop taking it!!!

Unvaccinated are 13 times more immune than the ‘vaccinated’

CDC admits the PCR test is fake

CDC admits vaccine causes disease

Scientist admits immune system goes down after the jab

Inventor of the mRNA ‘vaccine’ admits it should not be given to people as the majority of labrats died within 2 months (human years equivalent of 2 years): thus the spike protein ‘vaccine’ is a depopulation bio-weapon

Nobel Laureate saying the vaccine is causing the variants

UC San Diego famous Salk Institute (Paragraph 6 most important) – April 2021

Spike protein in ‘vaccine’ damages artery walls (contributes to slow death)

Corona vaccine does not work

John Hopkins study confirms natural covid immunity better than the jab.


What a joke. What else can the left ruin?


Bye -- Will NOT be attending. Good luck playing with yourself


Yah right, I will NOT be playing at the WSOP -- Your LOSS. Submitting to medical experiments that are killing people is UNACCEPTABLE. I can find something else to do with my time.


LOL...vax AND mask required at the table? Part of poker is watching the faces for tells. This is going to be a very weak WSOP, thanks to this hysterical silliness.

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