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FILE - In this Wednesday, June 24, 2020, file photo, Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak exits a news conference at the Nevada State Legislature in Carson City, Nev. Sisolak announced Nevada would join California, Washington and North Carolina in requiring individuals wear masks in public places to contain the spread of the coronavirus. (AP Photo/Samuel Metz, File)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A new political action committee announced its formation Monday, aimed at fighting politicians that embrace Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak's mask mandate.

The No Mask Nevada PAC said they are circulating a petition of voters to organize protests targeting "pro-mask politicians" ahead of the 2020 election.

On June 23, Sisolak announced the mask mandate to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. The mandate went into effect June 26, requiring a face covering in all public places.

The governor emphasized that wearing face coverings should not be seen as a political partisan decision, but rather a medical necessity based on guidance from health officials.

The No Mask Nevada PAC claims that Sisolak is "depriving citizens of liberty without any due process or input from the legislative branch."

"This is a long-term movement that is designed to defeat elected officials who are hostile to our constitution and our freedom," the group's vice-chairman Ian Bayne said in a statement. "Masks are a political issue of choice and not one for a governor to mandate with the stroke of a pen."

The group organized a protest in Pahrump Monday night. No additional events have been scheduled, according to the group's Facebook page.

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(14) comments

Alternative facts are still facts

Healthy people should say no to masks, no to mandatory vaccines rife with all kinds of horrid poisons and animal/human DNA cultures, and no to contact tracing. This is America, not China. We have rights. If the masks work as well as the media would like you to believe, then they would have worked during every previous flu season and we should have been wearing them for a long time. Masks and quarantines are for sick people. If you are out and you need to cough or sneeze, just pull your shirt up over your face. Material of face covering doesn't matter, so this should be perfectly acceptable. The virus is absolutely an issue and I'm not saying that vulnerable people should not take precautions, but this isn't about the virus. It's about control.

This document was written in 2010 and I would encourage everyone to read it:

www (dot) nommeraadio (dot) ee/meedia/pdf/RRS/Rockefeller%20Foundation.pdf

The "Lock Step" scenario predicted how people would be eager to give up their rights and freedom for safety from an "expected pandemic". If this were a situation where we wear the masks for a few months till the virus dies down, and it was legitimately about health, I would be all for it. But it's not about health at all. Covid will never go away just like the flu. The restrictions will only get tighter until you cannot shop for food without proving "immunity". We will live in a totalitarian society if we blindly follow these "health regulations". I wish I didn't have to cry out in this way, but I am terrified of what will happen to my family and my country if we keep allowing politicians to dictate health and tell us when it's safe to go outside or go to work. Many many doctors are speaking out against this. Listen to them. Listen to real doctors please. Not Fauci, not the media.

The information is out there, you just have to look outside of Google and cable news. Florida labs testing 100% positive. People leaving the testing lines and still getting a notification they're a positive case. Live virus found on tests that were not yet used. People being bribed to list a deceased relative as "covid". Hospitals getting $39,000 per vent used while the ventilators are killing people. A NY nurse was transferred to ER away from her covid patient of a full week. The man had been in good spirits, talking on Facetime with family, making jokes and laughing.. Dead 20 minutes after the nurse was transferred.

These stories and way more are all out there. You just have to look.

I'll leave everyone with this video going over the actual science of face masks. Watch it for yourselves and decide if it's right for you to wear one:

www (dot) youtube (dot) com/watch?v=h8upEg-bEJ8


If we social distance ourselves at 6ft from everyone, then why are we required to wear masks? If the masks work then why are we required to stay 6ft from everyone. This is nothing but control. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid.


Do you not realize that the masks are worn because of respect for YOU, that we not accidentally expose YOU! You are proving just how selfish you really are, not caring about anyone but yourselves. Make it a felony to not wear a mask. Then you get to lose your right to vote.


I want to quit my job because of this mandatory mask law. I cant breathe, my brain needs oxygen! I get dizzy at work! light headed. This is a hazzard I see people wearing masks and driving! If you pass out while driving and kill someone will that be ok?? This is insanity! NO MASKS!!! Our spirits are being killed with this non-sense.


I was mean Don't let our children pay for that . Thanks


Let 's wear mask for temporary time ,why Not ?unsure CDC tell us what to do even them self .wear mask to save lives Why not? when you re' alive you enjoy your freedom . Wear mask to save lives it also mean you bring up economy for this country .Come on folks Let 's our children pay for that .

Again it No doubt President 45 Mr Trump build up economy Great but Bomb Covid19 came that 's it Nothing . myself is give him point gather than that Let 's me think about that ok. A great day.bye


All of you people who think this is a political thing or infringing upon your freedom, take a look at the COVID numbers. Are you ready to literally die for your stand?


It's my body and it's my choice. I don't need any worthless Governor telling me what I have to do when he was caught eating in a restaurant without a mask and not following the six feet social distancing rule. It's the old do as I say, not as I do. The masks are worthless.


Its hard to eat food through a mask! If you have been to any restaurants, you would know that once your seated, you can remove your mask!

Time for you to take off your tin foil hat and wake up to the real world


All you 'No Mask' fools obviously have too much free time on your hands since you most likely are unemployed. Rather than wasting time on pure Nonsense like this that will never amount to anything or go anywhere, why not donate your time to charity etc ? Oh wait, that would require a mask and you fools don't like that


Obviously, they haven't missed you from the asylum yet.


Please sign this petition here is the link so we don't have to wear masks: Oh, please sign we also need to get rid of Siskolak, thank you. Sign that one to oust Gov siskolak or he will destroy Nevada. Nobody is going to come to Nevada and have to wear a face mask.





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