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FILE - In this April 14, 2020, file photo, seen through glass, streets are empty of traffic along the Las Vegas Strip as casinos and other business are closed due to the coronavirus outbreak in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher, File)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The ambiance of packed Las Vegas bars and nightclubs that draw tourists from around the globe may temporarily halt for 2020 or longer, according to industry insiders. 

Leaders from the American Nightlife Association and the International Nightlife Association said from Las Vegas to around the globe, industry insiders are brainstorming ways to reopen, if at all. 

Governor Steve Sisolak nor state officials have provided a reopening date for bars and nightclubs.

Different industry insiders have different opinions on what will happen when nightclubs reopen-- but agree chasing profits will be a challenge, with current business models. 

Ryan Dahlstrom of the Nightclub Hall of Fame has a gloomier outlook for the venues if they do not adapt. The consultant has helped develop numerous nightclub, bar and entertainment venues in Vegas and beyond. 

"I think [nightclubs are] gone for at least the rest of this year-- possibly part of next year," he said. 

Dahlstrom believes, with current business models and without packed crowds in many of the venues, profit margins will take a huge dip, leading to possible forced closures.

Dahlstrom estimates many venues in Vegas and industry-wide could shut down, as rent is still due for facilities. 

Diminished capacities will compound problems. 

"A landowner will not take 25 percent of rent. Utility companies will not take 25 percent of the cost to operate. A venue that sells just alcohol cannot generate revenue. If they sell food, they can have some revenue," said JC Diaz, president of the American Nightlife Association and vice president of the International Nightlife Association. 

Diaz said nightclubs and nightlife venues with more than just dancing and alcohol can survive and make profit. Some venues may need to reinvent themselves to do so, with table and bottle service for customers. 

Dahlstrom sees a different vision for large Vegas venues: use  the space for corporate events, with an invite-only list for guests. 

"They have the footprints to rearrange their rooms. We could control the rules,  before they open up. We could communicate what we are wearing--masks or no masks," Dahlstrom said. 

Dahlstrom and Diaz said Vegas will set the standard for tourism across the globe, and Nevada officials must remember: nightlife is a part of tourism. 

"A lot of countries are looking at [Vegas] to take the lead-- what the quality and standards should be," Diaz said. 

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(6) comments


Las Vegas does not need these nightclubs and the casinos will be going by the wayside as well.

International travel will take 5 years to come back to what it was 4 months ago. Las Vegas is a broke

City. The metro population of 2.6 million approximately 90% of the residents are poor & credit

Card dependent who only pretend like its Instagram

Leasing an $80,000 car, working at a nightclub ,

Living in a luxury apartment and having $100 in the

Bank. The baby boomers are not coming to

Las Vegas anymore. Young , broke credit card losers

Come here and once there credit card spends

Bottle service in a nightclub it takes them

1 year to pay it off. This is a town with horrible

Hospitality where you have mouthy cocktail waitresses who are lucky to have a job because of their looks only but most are out of a job for good !!!

Las Vegas should be run by the mob again where you

Treated people with 99 cent shrimp cocktails and

Comped rooms. Instead you give moron Djs

Sometimes millions a month. You could give them

Thousands. The whole world is broke !!!!

Las Vegas real estate market is about to crash like

2008. By next January there will be thousands of

Foreclosures as you see the writing on the wall that

Banks cannot keep giving 90 days no payments to

Avoid the inevitable. In the last 5 years a one

Bedroom apartment went from $700 to $1400 @

Month with people making the same salary.

There is no light at the end of the tunnel !!!!!


Yes you mean when Vegas use to be awesome and Mostly a red state instead of a loser blue state. They ought to just invest in making the nigh clubs virtual reality entertainment centers.


JD you are not 100 percent correct. JD you are 110 percent correct. They quote a person not in the daily grind. My neighbor is feeling the pain of the shutdown and we all feel for the industry and hope that it comes back soon


[thumbdown] I currently manage some of the top Nightlife and Dayclub venues in Las Vegas. I have been lucky to be a part of this amazing industry for the past 10 years. I have never heard of Ryan Dahlstrom. I would recommend using a more credible source. Maybe someone that actually works daily with our resorts or at least someone that is not self promoting or tagging our venues to appear as credible.


It’s gone from “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” to Nothing happens in Vegas stay away from Vegas... thanks to Dicktator Sissylick.


It has been "What ever happens in Vegas goes on the internet" for at least the last 10 years.

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