LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A new study from University of Nevada Reno says people with the vaccine could be far less infectious than someone without a vaccine.

“I think people should realize that vaccinated people do get infected. It's a rare event," said Dr. Mark Pandori of the Nevada State Public Health Laboratory.

The data that we started to see here at UNR, essentially shows that when vaccinated people become infected, their viral loads appear to be on average, far lower than viral loads, from let's say, your average infected individual that is not vaccinated, or hasn't been vaccinated. We call those breakthroughs,” Pandori said.

“Those viral loads from people that have been vaccinated and become infected -- the mean level of virus is 100-fold lower than that for people who were not vaccinated,” Pandori said. “So we can't say you're 100-fold less infectious, but we can say it probably means you're significantly less infectious."

0125 nsphl announcement covid strain detected in nv

courtesy University of Nevada Reno

What scientists worldwide still do not know, compared to other known viruses: We don’t not know how many “viral genomes” it takes for someone to be infected and at risk from COVID-19.

Dr. Pandori explains how the vaccine is crucial to protecting everyone, and returning life to “normal.”

“But if we don't choose to use vaccine is one of the weapons in this arsenal, we're kind of surrendering,” Pandori said.

Scientists are comparing data from other similar studies done across the U.S.

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More lies from the propaganda pigs


The article is missing the 5 basic principles of propaganda: Name Calling, Card Stacking, Glittering Generalities, Euphemisms and Fear. If it is an attempt at propaganda, it is one of the most muted, poorly executed attempts I've ever seen.

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