Coronavirus will change the grocery industry forever

The outbreak of coronavirus is pushing Americans to buy their groceries online, a development that could have a lasting effect on the supermarket industry. A worker places groceries from an online order into a Peapod delivery bin at a Stop & Shop supermarket in Windsor, Connecticut on Friday, Nov. 15, 2019.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A Nevada-based effort called "Shopping Angels" to get groceries for seniors has turned into a worldwide movement, and garnered praise from President Donald Trump during a Wednesday press conference. 

"In Nevada, a college student recruited 90 of her friends to help deliver groceries and supplies to the most vulnerable. This is happening all over the country, thousands and thousands of instances," said Trump during an update with the Coronavirus Task Force. 

"I got a text from some of my friends saying like, 'Oh, we think the President mentioned you...' I was like, 'Oh, I'm sure like that's a mistake,'" said UNR pre-med student Jayde Powell. 

Less than two weeks ago, Powell launched Shopping Angels with volunteers from UNR and UNLV. College students bought groceries for seniors, and delivered them to homes, equipped with gloves and masks. 

"Something that was so small, became so big-- to where the president of the country was mentioning it in like a press conference. It's just mind blowing,” she said. 

Now the Facebook page has thousands of volunteers, and the GoFundMe page has climbed to $38,000 in donations. 

"It's just it's mind blowing. We have branches starting in Canada and Australia, who are going to try and do the same thing. It's just so exciting to see how the communities are wanting to get back," she said. 

Powell hopes to establish Shopping Angels as a nonprofit organization, to reach even more people.  

To sign up for help or to volunteer, click here. To find Shopping Angels on Facebook, click here. To donate, click here.

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Only a Fox affiliate and editor would print scrap like this. Is the “President” complimenting you something to be proud of? That’s like Satan saying good job to you!

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