sunset olive garden

The Olive Garden restaurant on East Sunset Road is seen on June 21, 2020.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Health officials have answered a question on the minds of many restaurant owners and guests -- How are people supposed to wear masks when dining in? 

The Nevada Restaurant Association shared in an email the following guidance from local officials: 

Once a patron sits down with proper 6 ft distancing, they are then able to remove their masks for the remainder of their meal. However, once the patron leaves their seat and moves about the restaurant i.e. entering or leaving the property, using the restroom or walking to the pay-station, they are required wear their mask.

Per a directive announced by Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak on Wednesday, wearing face coverings in public is required by the State of Nevada. Before June 25, it was required for only employees in open establishments, and was optional for guests. 

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(6) comments


In the rush to re-open, cases and deaths are going up. Anyone surprised?

Wait until school starts. It is going to spread like wildfire....back to families.

Voz de Razon

Except science disagrees. Transmission in children is uncommon.

But....proceed with your cowardice. Vegas strong, indeed 🙄


Although I have doubts the mask requirement is helpful, today while having a snack at my favorite watering hole, a few boys came in mask less and the bartender nicely told them they need to have a mask on until they sat down. They didn’t like that comment and started a scene. Remember, these businesses have state and county licenses, don’t blame them ... of course I wouldn’t put it past the state to send in shills to entrap business owners. Please try to be kind to businesses... complain to the governor, not the business.


Correct! The liberals only tolerate riots and looting by left leaning scum. You and I are subject to all the rules. Metro will gladly ticket and tow your car for not producing proof of state mandated insurance but allow BLM to run wild! You and I are the piggy bank, and Metro is only the enforcement arm of the big insurance companies!

Voz de Razon

Wish I could disagree, but I can't.

Voz de Razon

How does one complain to the Herr Governor?

I would need just 7 minutes.

He especially needs to be reminded that this was all to just FLATTEN a CURVE that was flattened months ago.

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