COVID-19 safety sign at Allegiant Stadium

(Lee Ortlieb/FOX5)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- With positive cases of COVID-19 popping up at various construction sites in Las Vegas, the Nevada Occupational Safety and Human Administration (NV OSHA) issued a letter to remind construction companies of social distancing protocols. 

In the letter dated March 26 by NV OSHA Chief Administrative Officer Jess Lankford, NV OSHA states that after conducting intermittent surveys of active construction sites in Nevada, it is "visibly obvious that employees are still being directed/allowed to work in close proximity (less than 6 feet of separation) to other staff."

NVOSHA says that on March 18, the agency issued a set of guidelines for construction companies to follow, including:

  • "Restrict meetings, safety meetings//tailgate talks, and gatherings to no more than 10 people."
  • "Establish effective social distancing protocols, which ensure that staff maintain a 6 foot personal separation from other staff during meetings, discussions, etc., where 10 people or less are present. Ensure that social distancing protocols are maintained during operation of mobile service equipment designed for two or more passengers."
  • "Provide sanitization and cleaning supplies for addressing common surfaces in multiple user mobile equipment and multiple user tooling."
  • "Maintain 6 foot separation protocols for labor transportation services, such as buses, vans, etc."
  • "Conduct daily surveys of changes to staff/labor health conditions. NV OSHA is emphasizing the need for construction leadership to be working with and aware of the health and well-being of its labor force. Many leaders in the construction industry have implemented entry surveys of labor health conditions that have, and may, include temperature scans and in person Q&A."
  • "Ensure that any identified first responders in the labor force are provided and use the needed personal protective equipment (PPE) and equipment for protection comes from communicable or infectious disease."
  • Provide access to portable and sanitary water."

The letter goes on to emphasize Gov. Sisolak's order on March 20 that said any businesses continuing to operate must comply with any applicable COVID-19 risk mitigation policies.

OSHA noted that it will be conducting random onsite inspections to ensure the governor's mandates are being followed and implemented.

The letter states that failing to comply with the governor's emergency declaration and associated regulations or guidance will be considered non-compliance and may result in the penalizing or closure of any construction site or project.

Last week, positive COVID-19 cases were confirmed at both the Resorts World construction site and the Raiders' Allegiant Stadium site.

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