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Homes in the Southern Highlands master-planned community are seen in this aerial photograph taken over Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S., on Sept. 17, 2020.

Many landlords say the first of the month on Friday exemplifies yet another month where they're not receiving owed funds in full.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The first of the month means rent and mortgage is due again for tenants across the Las Vegas Valley. But under a statewide eviction moratorium, many landlords say the day exemplifies yet another month where they're not receiving owed funds in full.

Jason Trindade, a landlord in Las Vegas, said he suspects some tenants are taking advantage of the protections.
"They go buy PlayStations, go buy TVs, they do everything but pay us," said Trindade.
Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak said the statewide eviction moratorium, in effect until March 31, is important for health reasons.
"I know I've asked landlords to sacrifice during this pandemic, and I'm asking you to again do more," said Sisolak. "When people are evicted, they are at a higher risk of getting COVID-19."
He also made sure to reinforce that rent is still owed.
"As I have been clear from the start, this moratorium does not, I repeat, it does not relieve renters from their obligation to pay rent to their landlords," said Sisolak.
Experts said the governor's statewide moratorium essentially overrides the CDC one, which was recently extended to January 31.
One thing that's different for landlords under the governor's eviction ban is this: "If the homeowner is facing a very real threat of foreclosure, they can go ahead and move forward with an eviction process," said Bailey Bortolin, Nevada Legal Aid Policy Director.
That, however, is something landlords would have to prove in court.
"[Prove] that they have real evidence that they've been served with a foreclosure, whatever the case may be -- that they have no way out of this," said Bortolin.
This -- underlining the importance of setting up payment plans, making communication a priority, and whether you're a tenant or a landlord, applying for rental assistance from Clark County's CHAP program.
"We've actually received 1,600, so far, actual applications from landlords that want to work with their tenants and are submitting the applications," said Randy Reinoso, social services assistant director, Clark County.
Should you get an eviction notice, and need help navigating it, Nevada Legal Aid is a resource for you.
If you were covered under the CDC eviction moratorium, experts say you'll likely be covered under the statewide moratorium as well, and don't need to opt-in.

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