LAS VEGAS (AP) — Uber and Lyft will be able to resume surge pricing in Las Vegas and the rest of Nevada after Gov. Steve Sisolak late Friday ended a ban meant to prevent price gouging during the pandemic.

The Democratic governor’s emergency order took effect immediately.

App-based ride-hailing firms, known formally as transportation network companies, generally raise their prices during periods of high demand, which they say reduces wait times by encouraging more drivers to work.

But that’s been banned during the public health emergency declared in March 2020.

Uber said last month that the loss of surge pricing led to a shortage of drivers because it depressed their earnings, and it urged users to pressure Sisolak to ease the restriction.

"Uber thanks Governor Sisolak and the NTA for working with the industry on solutions to help meet the increased demand of travelers and riders. With more people becoming vaccinated and Nevada's economy reopening, Uber is focused on bringing back earnings opportunities for drivers during busy times and improving reliability for Nevada riders," said an Uber spokesperson. 


The Nevada Transportation Authority said peak wait times have jumped 225% since March 2021, with some riders waiting as long as 30 minutes, according to documents released by Sisolak’s office.

In future emergencies, surge pricing will only be banned for 30 days.

FOX5 contributed to this report. 


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Sissylak, big brother focking over Nevadans one at a time....

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