LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak on Thursday provided an update on vaccination efforts in the state while also highlighting dose distribution efforts through MGM Resorts International, the host of the event.

Sisolak said about 5,000 COVID-19 vaccines had been distributed through MGM's Mandalay Bay Convention Center. He said community partners across the valley are working to get the city back on its feet.

"The comeback is here now and we are on our way back," Sisolak said of the state slowly reopening. "We are closer to the end than we are the beginning."

Sisolak also encouraged anyone who hasn't already received a vaccine to take advantage of the opportunity.

When asked what the numbers have to look like to get rid of the mask mandate, Sisolak said "It's not a number necessarily. It's the advice from my medical board."

MGM Resorts' Executive Director John McManus, Gaming Control Board Chair Brin Gibson, Nevada Resort Association President Virginia Valentine and the Culinary Union's Secretary-Treasurer Geoconda Argüello-Kline were in attendance, as well as workers who have received the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Culinary Union applauded the state's efforts to vaccinate disproportionately impacted populations and minority communities, many of whom work in the hospitality industry.


Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak discusses vaccination efforts in the state from Mandalay Bay Convention Center on Thursday, April 29, 2021.

"Hospitality workers have had access to the COVID-19 vaccine since March 11, 2021 and as of April 5, 2021, any Nevadan 16 and older can be vaccinated. As hospitality workers and their family members get the vaccine, the Culinary Union continues to encourage workers to take advantage of on-site vaccine clinics at work whenever they are available," the union said in a statement.

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(10) comments


Just who are these "medical advisors"? Give me names and let me decide if they have an agenda or not.


Waiting to hear what his medical board says about these worthless masks. He means he has to listen to his boss, who is running this show.


There are more than enough people taking the vaccines. We should have been out of masks months ago. The government and it's bully stick will menace people to get them to do what they don't want to do by using the excuse that it's for the common good. In this case, mass hysteria and gross misinformation are responsible for the response to vaccinations.


That Commie can shove his poison, give it to his BLM terrorist darlings.


He has been, he doesn't care if you are a proud boy, BLM, flat-earther, manga bibliophile, or Neo-paegan snake worshiper, he wants you to get the vaccine. Also it's still not poison.


My body, my choice. How do you know that it won't be detrimental to your health? They don't even know if it's okay for pregnant women to receive it. Who would even take that risk?


Sisolak is a Communist traitor and the poison is a tool...the masks are a tool...all so they can have power and steal federal funding. Sisolak killed people bu outlawing hes pushing the jab . Hes a terrorist that is responsible for numerous deaths of children that committed suicide and murdrred by parents during his illegal lockdowns. Sisolak is a con artist race hustling psycho.


A communist would not be pursuing Sisolak's "innovation zones" that grant private corporations the power of governments. The only medication the governor prevented from going to people with covid (hydroxicloriquine) was reserved for people with conditions it actually treats. Also the number of student suicides during 2020-2021 was less than the 2018-2019 school year, so there is probably some other key structural problem with our society outside of the social distancing that is leading to this problem which we hope and pray that there is a way to solve.


Yeah what qwerty and the rest of the low info voters don't realize is that hydroxicloriquine was used by plenty of doctors across the country and it treated many covid patients. These same doctors were removed from Youtube and the drug was demonized by the lame stream media because it would make 45 look good and lower deaths. This was always about scare tactics and control. This has a 99.7% recovery rate and we still wear masks with vaccine and or the natural antibodies? Just remember all the people that had to move here from Hawaii and California because of the democrat policies that ruined 2 of the most beautiful states in our union. Democrats already resigned in Nevada due to new socialist left being voted in. The mayor of North Vegas changed parties due to the direction the left was taking this country. You wanna witness a state being run into the ground, keep voting the same way but expect to rent that same uhaul you came here with in a few years.


Spot on!

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