Nevada Governor Sisolak

Nevada Governor-elect Steve Sisolak speaks at an International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees union hall Friday, Jan. 4, 2019, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak will sign a directive on Monday extending Phase 2 of reopening plans through the end of July.

According to a media release, the extension comes "due to the trends in COVID-19 infection rates." The extension will allow expanded contact tracing and to see the impact of the mask mandate. 

“Flexibility is one of the core principles in our Roadmap to Recovery, precisely to account for the situation we are in now. As I’ve said repeatedly, the virus – and our personal actions to help mitigate its spread- drives the timeline,” said Sisolak in a written statement. 

“As a state, we were able to begin reopening because Nevadans were staying home as much as possible, washing hands frequently and maintaining six feet of social distancing. Now, all Nevadans must wear face coverings to help slow the spread as well. We can only stay open if we stay safe.” 

The directive will also mean that DMV documents expiring between March 12 and July 15 will be valid through September 13. 

This will be the governor's 26th directive since the pandemic began. 

Courts will be allowed to move closer to normal operations and will lift the freeze on statutes of limitations, Sisolak said. 

Businesses that haven't paid for license renewals will have a grace period through September 30 to pay without penalties. 

"This directive also allows public bodies to continue to conduct business safely by extending the Open Meeting Law provisions of Directive 6 providing alternative ways for boards, commissions, and agencies to allow public participation," the release said. 

If state trends get worse or do not improve, Sisolak's office said he "will not hesitate to take any action necessary to protect the public and prevent exceeding our hospital capacity, including reinstituting previous restrictions."

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(8) comments


Wish he was as proactive in shutting down these protesters, the ones who spiked the numbers. Democrats are taking their cues from Pelosi, Schumer and the four in the ditz squad. So political and true to the Marxist play book.[thumbdown][angry]


Just a bit confused as to why they let the idiots run wild in the streets, but not let someone go back to work. What is the real agenda?


If they were following the Marxist playbook they would be focusing on class inequalities rather than racial inequality. Sorry but they are playing good old American special interest partisan politics. They knew of the public health danger posed by protests but did not want to upset their base. In today's cancel culture there is not much room for nuance and telling groups to wait until it's safe to protest would be taken badly.


this guy needs to be detained and charged with treason, you can tell he is taking orders from communist country, democrats along with the globalist parties are the ones that gain from this fliu, MASSIVE MAIL IN VOTING!! CONTROL THE ELECTION! keep the people scared to go out to rally! isolate the voters keep them at home, thats when the tech giants step in that control what information you can see!!


This loser still hasn’t said a word on unemployment yet. He’s a one term governor for sure.

The Mark Price is Right

"We can only stay open if we stay safe"

"The safest way to ski is not to ski."


Sisolak needs to close down the state because this virus will be out of control if no action is taken right away. This virus moves as fast as people do and then its game over! Time to act is now not until after it happens. Sure when things are good we don't get to practice safety but when things are bad you decide to play with the virus by partly opening . Bad decision to re-open especially with airlines. Sisolak needs to stop the spread by limiting flights only for medical across the country with limited flights. This won't go away with a piece meal plan! You need to take a stand and put your foot down and make the state understand the severity of covid19!


Not sure what type of industry you work in but not all people can stay home and collect money from the government. If the virus was such a concern why were irresponsible people in groups of more than ten mandated by Gov Sisolak. (PROTESTS???) Spikes are happening because the numbers are manipulated daily and weekly. PROTESTS caused this spike and no ands or ifs about it now. I always say the FBI needs to investigate the companies who provide the tests kits here in Nevada. Something isn't right here in the state of Nevada. Numbers are wrong and no way to verify them ever.

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