Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak speaks during a news conference on the state's preparations for the coronavirus Friday, Feb. 28, 2020, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak issued an emergency directive prohibiting gatherings of 10 or more on Tuesday with the goal to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

The ban applies to public recreational areas like playgrounds, basketball courts and baseball fields. It does not apply to homes, and doesn't prevent anyone from going outside. 

The ban did not apply to essential businesses, however social distancing must be observed in those spaces.

"Nevadans who wish to enjoy our great outdoors can still do so, but we must do so safely to prevent the spread of this disease. You may enjoy a daily walk in the park with others in your household, but please, maintain a safe distance from those that are also enjoying the public spaces and do not touch any of the equipment where the virus may be lurking," Sisolak said.


At this time, the governor said the measure does not apply to the homeless population in Nevada.

The governor said the directive was to help, not to punish, though it does come with consequences. Police will give a warning first, then those violating the directive will face civil or criminal penalties.

Sheriff and DA: Las Vegas justice system still in full force despite COVID-19

Sisolak said he partnered with Attorney General Aaron Ford to ensure local law enforcement agencies know how to enforce the measure. 

"And that battle born spirit must continue, especially as we see our numbers rise day-to-day," Sisolak said. "The enemy we’re fighting cannot be seen."

This was the seventh directive signed by the governor since declaring a state of emergency on March 12.

03.24 Public Gathering Directive by FOX5 on Scribd

Declaration of Emergency Directive 007.3!24!20 (1) by FOX5 on Scribd

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(16) comments


Stop announcing these restrictions...there is no enforcement of them.

Bo Donk

No, there is not, and there better not be. This is the way civil wars start.

Medium Mack

Communist propaganda,this clowns a real pos liberal!


What is unclear about this? Section 1 of the Declaration states that the gathering limits do not apply to essential businesses. Grocery stores are essential businesses, that's why they are still open.


This clown is the result of the SEIU running the state. Nevada is better than this.


I am glad that there are more of you here that know about the RATS that are pushing for the commie socialist govt. That is all that this PLANdemic propaganda is for. To see how they can get the sheople to do exactly what they tell them at anytime. Look at the numbers on the yearly deaths from influenza. Is that a pandemic? NO!! Do not sit in your homes. Go out to parks, fishing, etc. Trump needs to turn on them now


Sisolak needs to be recalled at the very least. I think he should be arrested for crimes against humanity for banning the use of malaria drugs to treat the Chinese wuhan virus. You are a disgrace governor


The implication on the news this morning was that the governor was banning the chloroquin and hydroxychloroquin was not okay. He wss banning the HOARDIING of the drug, not trying to kerp people from getting the treatment. I am no fan of our governor, but I don’t want people getting info that causes more panic and fear.


He barred the use of the drug to treat Covid-19 patients.


You need to read the fox news report. He did ban any doctors from prescribing it.


It appears I was mistaken. In a different edict the governor has banned using these drugs to treat Covid. If someone is diagnosed and in a high risk category, they should be allowed to try this therapy under a doctor’s care. That would make it a safe option and protect lives.


Do your worst Sisolak, you are a ONE TERM governor.


He sure is. Newsflash to the Demon-Crats.... you folks are DONE! There will be no more Demon-Crats.


Communist Is Taking Orders directly from his masters Soros and Obozo- next he will take personal property and guns, and maybe even tell you that you cant leave Nevada without your "papers" VOTE RED


Demon-Crats are behind the 8 ball in the hopes of Government Control and will NOT succeed. Trump knows what they're pulling and is trying to stop it. Trump 2020!


Be careful when assigning colors, "vote red" was a pro communist rallying cry in many countries. It could be interpreted that the comment is in favor of communism and a supporter of taking property and guns.

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