Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak speaks during a news conference on the state's preparations for the coronavirus Friday, Feb. 28, 2020, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Governor Steve Sisolak said that the percent of coronavirus tests coming back positive has been decreasing over the past 20 days. 

Less than 10 percent of percent of people who test for the virus test positive, Sisolak said. According to the Nevada Hospital Association, COVID-19 hospitalizations have dropped over a 14-day period. 

The news came Friday afternoon, one week after the beginning of Phase 1 of the governor's Road to Recovery plan. Sisolak stressed that subsequent phases of reopening will depend on medical trends including cases and hospitalizations. 

The governor said that 17,000 COVID-19 tests were performed last week, and the state is increasing its testing capacity. New drive-thru and mobile testing facilities have popped up in Clark and Washoe as well as rural counties. 

Phase 1 allowed some "non-essential" businesses to open curbside and dine-in operations, provided that they follow state guidelines which include social distancing and operating at 50 percent capacity. Sisolak said some businesses that are not in compliance will experience repercussions.

"Unfortunately, their negligence puts Nevadans at risk," he said.

Local officials, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and state licensing and regulatory authorities are monitoring businesses as they reopen. Sisolak said they are investigating and taking action on non-compliance, as necessary. 

Sisolak also said that the Department of Unemployment and Rehabilitation has launched a system for self-employed workers to file unemployment insurance claims. 

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(19) comments


Sisolak said nothing new in the short conference update. Seemed like Sisolak was in a hurry to go to Arizona to gamble where they opened up the economy and Casinos. There is an underlying issue we all don't know. The political ads tried to warn you before about this guy when he was running but you all ignored them as phony. Now you all are paying the price.


I agree and also the majority were enraged with our

Great Mayor Carolyn Goodman. She was 100%

Correct that we all need to get back to work.

If we do not open up Nevada , eventually the morons

Who disagreed with her can pick which tunnel

They will be living in. To the morons in Nevada the

Government is not going to support you forever

And for most your casino job is like a mirage in the

Desert. I think i see gold and water. Nope its just

The imagination from the heat !!!!! I wish we had

Goodman for Governor. Very good certainty that by

Next year casinos will be filing for bankruptcy and you

Will know someone who either had their house

Foreclosed or is now homeless


Thanks for this uber-important update fellas. I can make my coffee and go on living now.


we need a new man in charge i vote for kid rock to take charge or even tommy chong

de Razor

Gov Sissy-o-lack is still under the loony Dems control. He's only doing what is best for Democrats and NOT for the people of Nevada... #recallSissyOLack


Sleazeolak, What's your plan to bring our jobs back Oh wait. You don't have one. Businesses are permanently closed. We're coming to set up tent cities in front of your house now


He'll take tent cities over graveyards.


The voters will speak Sleazeolak. Goodbye Adolf jr.


So Sisolak destroyed Las Vegas without even firing a shot. What complacent little sheep we have all become.


The Las Vegas Strip is going to Open and Entice Visitors with:

Stepping into a Huge Strip Casino feeling like you're at UMC with, 50% Reduction of Tourist allowed in a Hotel, 3 people in an Elevator, Body temperature scans, No Buffets, Limited eating options, No Clubs, Spaced out Slots, 3 spots for table games, 50% less on Craps, dealers in masks trying to deal with gloves, While Safety is thrown out the Window as people are allowed to Cover their Face (Uptick in Robberies, Cheats, etc) on The Casino Floors.

Sounds Like the dream Vacations to me.


This is NOT an update. WE MUST RECALL BIG BABY SISOLAK. He is a disgrace to Nevada. He works for the people of this state, he should be donating his salary to fix unemployment. This man is a disaster and we will not let him destroy this great state.


I know it gets frustrating and we all feeling the pain from this shutdown, but we are winning this fight. Keep up the social distancing and safety precautions so we can all get back to work quicker. Let's not let this become another 1918 where 600,000 Americans died.


You are a sheople who believes everything the communist news tells you. Learn about your immune system. In 1918 the people were unhealthier than today which caused all those deaths. And again, the unhealthy are dying from this one


What a very sad showing of an update for the people of Nevada from Sisolak. Sisolak doesn't realize the unemployment disaster here in the State. WAIT we are now allowing a new feature on the website to allow another group of unemployed people to get file claims and get frustrated with the already overload of claims. Sisolak doesn't know the pulse of the people suffering from the failure of the website and leadership Sisolak has in charge running things. Sad day for Nevadans with failed leadership representing Nevadans. SAD SAD SAD. What a sorry update for us all here in Nevada. .

Ryan Masters

We need to keep Nevada (and as many other states) closed down as much as possible so that there will be another #stimulus significant enough that I can get my vehicle fixed and I can return to work. The first $1,200 was just a tease... it covered my rent and nothing more. #SecondStimulus #PayMe #MakeMeGreatAgain CashApp: $cyrellia Venmo: @cyrellia PayPal.Me/cyrellia


Do you Honestly think the House Democrats Utopia Stimulus is going to pass the Senate?


It’s time to stop paying the governor and his staff. They need to feel our pain! Going after small business owners while the liberal empty the prisons! It’s time for some big changes in Nevada! Conservative leadership is our only hope.


Sisolak.. although I liked Roy from Siegfried and Roy a lot, his death (RIP) does NOT qualify for our AMERICAN FLAG TO BE FLOWN HALF STAFF. What was your consideration to authorize that? What did he do that was so heroic to our country to grant him that? Did he save innocent lives? Was he killed in Action serving our Country? Or.. Are you trying to gain our sympathy? You, Sisolak are a pitiful so-called governor. Another terrible decision that you have made.

Medium Mack

The Big head boob show ,with the host of commie scum bags!

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