Gov. Steve Sisolak discusses Nevada’s recent COVID-19 figures during a press conference at the Grant Sawyer State Office Building on Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2020, in Las Vegas. (Benjamin Hager/Las Vegas Review-Journal) @benjaminhphoto

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak is implementing a statewide "pause" in order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, a move that he said will not shut down the economy, but will tighten mask requirements and reduce capacity limits.

"Our case rate growth is at wildfire levels – even outpacing neighboring states, such as Arizona. All available models indicate that Nevada is in a “red zone” and our health experts anticipate continued case growth based on current trends," Sisolak said. 

He noted that 10% of all Nevada cases have been recorded in the last seven days, saying a Nevadan is diagnosed with COVID-19 every minute. 

The governor said some hospitals in the state are experiencing staffing shortages because they have become infected or someone in their household has and are in quarantine. "Our public health infrastructure is quickly becoming overwhelmed," Sisolak said. 

"Let me explain this quickly: whether you believe in the science of COVID or not, the reality is this – COVID is filling up our hospital beds and that threatens all Nevadans."

New regulations include required masks for Nevadans "at all times," for both indoor and outdoor activities except within ones own household or while eating and drinking, and a 25% limit on capacity on gatherings. The mitigation efforts go into effect Tuesday, November 24 at 12:01 a.m.

With regard to enforcement, Sisolak said he was "not the enforcement police," but would rely on individuals, businesses and the Nevada Gaming Control Board to follow the rules.

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak implemented a statewide "pause" in order to help mitigation efforts against the spread of COVID-19.

"High-risk" areas shown to contribute to the state's growing case numbers were given the following guidance:


Restaurants and bars can continue operations under strict social distancing at 25% capacity (indoors and outdoors) with no more than four people per table.

They will be required to have sanitizer available, have temperature checks and reservations will be required at establishments serving food. No walk-ins will be allowed.

"I know the majority of our bars and restaurants are doing their best, but these settings are proven to be high risk because they allow the opportunity for people to remove their face coverings in indoor settings around people outside of their household. That’s how the virus spreads," Sisolak said.

He encouraged curbside, delivery and takeout options.


Must operate at 25% occupancy with masks worn at all times, except when drinking water.

"If the activity is too strenuous to be done while wearing a mask properly, you must seek an alternative," he said. 


Casinos and other gaming establishments will be restricted to 25% occupancy and must follow the Nevada Gaming Control Board guidelines. 

"If (casinos) they don't follow them, they will face the consequences as delineated by the Gaming Control Board," Sisolak said of compliance at local casinos.

Restaurants and bars within gaming establishments will also be restricted to 25% occupancy. 

Gaming Control Board Chairman Brin Gibson said casinos utilize surveillance systems and accounting systems that calculate "how many slot machines are being played, by whom, for what interval, and with what velocity of money, according to a NGCB spokesperson. "This includes regular and accurate counts of how many patrons are on a casino floor." 

I’m not overly concerned with the ability of most operators to make the assessment,” Gibson said in a provided statement of casinos limiting their occupancy. “The Board will vigorously enforce the Governor’s newly announced gaming floor occupancy restrictions among licensees and asks for the industry’s assistance. The more successfully Nevada mitigates the current spread of COVID over the next several weeks, the more likely we are to experience a complete return to current gaming floor occupancy percentages in a shorter period of time.


Recently, Sisolak noted the state increased gatherings to 250 people or 50% capacity, whichever was less. "Due to the surge we're experiencing, we must decrease those limits during the pause."

"This includes places of worship, indoor movie theaters, live theater performances, casino showrooms, weddings, funerals, milestone celebrations and any other event where members of the public may be gathering together at the same time, in the same place, for the same purposes," Sisolak said. 

No large gatherings will be approved during the pause, he said. If a larger event was approved to have taken place in the next three weeks, Sisolak says they must be canceled. 


Sisolak said private gatherings must be limited to 10 people or fewer, from no more than two households -- whether indoors or outdoors. 

Face coverings must be in use with people from outside of the household. 


Sisolak said adult and youth sports tournaments must also be paused during this three week period. 

Indoor malls will not need to change their capacity during this time.

Retail and grocery stores more than 50,000 square feet will be required to have employees at all public entrances counting patrons to ensure compliance with capacity limits. 

Brothels, adult entertainment and day clubs must remain closed. 

The following businesses will not be affected by the pause, Sisolak said: hair salons, barbershops, nail salons, businesses that provide aesthetic skin services, spas, massage therapy, body art or piercing establishments. 

Community and recreation centers will continue at 50% capacity.

Infographic (COVID-19) by FOX5 Vegas on Scribd


"Let’s be honest: our casinos, hotels, restaurants and bars are open with restrictions so that we can protect our economy. Meanwhile, the majority of buildings are closed and our kids are suffering. Our education system and our economy are not mutually exclusive – they are tied together," Sisolak said.

Sisolak urged residents to follow the guidance from the state to continue back on a path that reopens schools.

He noted there have been more deaths by suicide among students in this fall semester compared to years prior, including an 8-year-old.

"We are in a pandemic, which caused an economic crisis, which has created a mental health crisis. And getting children back into school buildings is a key way that we can ensure they are getting the education and support they desperately need," he said.


Sisolak said through the pause, they will be evaluating the situation and looking "for signs of concerns or improvement." 

Depending on the COVID-19 trends, Sisolak said there are a few possible outcomes:

If cases slow or plateau, they will make an evaluation of whether it's consistent or if more time is needed to determine the path of the trend. 

They may loosen back to the restrictions currently in place. "The numbers and the virus ... determine the timeline," he said.

If the situation worsens, Sisolak said he will take stronger action. That would be targeted at high-risk settings like indoor dining, bars, gyms and gathering sizes. 

"I don’t want to impose further restrictions, but we are too close to the real solution, the vaccines, to give up now," he said. "I implore you to tap into Nevada’s independent spirit in this moment and consider your own personal responsibility."

NV Statewide Pause Guidance Matrix by FOX5 Vegas on Scribd

Copyright 2020 KVVU (KVVU Broadcasting Corporation). All rights reserved.

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(29) comments


Reading 99% of these comments is great if you haven't laughed out loud in a long time. I myself never realized just how many ignorant wannabe's live in Las Vegas and the surrounding communities. It is no wonder we have the worst education system in the country and also the worst healthcare system. No one in their right mind would want to teach these brats anything, as everything they learn gets undone at home by you genius parents. Nothing more then conspiracy theorists running around in a panic that a precious bar or gym might close because of a pandemic. If you could step back and actually hear how idiotic you sound to those of us that have degrees and families and jobs not related to the gaming or entertainment industry, you would feel like my co-workers and I do. Great humor for your lunchbreak I say, and not much more. You should all go and meet with our dear braindead Mayor McFacelift. You know the old saying, birds of a feather.....


And a Happy Thanksgiving to you too...........


You are the lost soul. We already know this. Good riddance to you.


i dont know who is ignorant enough to buy into this, they are already telling you that they are relying on your ignorance to comply, they are turning the people against each, other they love to create problems to divide and conquer this stops as soon as the people use their human rights, we are being invaded by a foreign corporation and you are just letting it happen, same thing happened in my wifes country of venezuela, its not about presidents anymore its about freedom, you wore the mask for a few months and even fought others who did not wear them, and now its going to get worse unless you grow a back bone!! this is a civil war but the peoples ignorance of the law is the weapon, "Deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed” is just like say they will not use police to enforce this nonsense, they are depending on the individuals to be governed they have no authority!


"It's not a shutdown, it's a pause!" Nothing like having your public servants insult the intelligence of the people they were elected to serve.


If a Conservative doesn't agree with what you are doing, he doesn't take part. If a libtard democrat doesn't agree, they want to bankrupt and ruin you. Of course, that's what you expect from those who think everyone else should work to supply them with groceries and welfare while they sit at home and bad mouth the ones that actually want to work and end up financing all these giveaways. comrad sisolav and the rest of the new green dealers should be allowed to starve to death in the cold when pelosi, harris, and biden force their agenda on Real American Patriots, while the leftists blindly follow those who are intent on destroying America. Besides, can't they see that covid has evidently cured virtually every other disease that existed before the Chinese gifted it to us? The so called experts claim that covid is more 99.9% survivable, what about the vaccines for polio, diphtheria, smallpox that are being missed now with schools closed? When the petition to impeach comrad sisolav gets to me, my signature will stand out like John Hancock's on the Declaration of Independence.




Las vegas will become as like El Paso if we don't acted now . you need to build temporary Hospital in 10 busness days . it help all Americans I supported Gov 70% more fund now . The people was suffer including your family ,more restriction.and Come on Folks


seeing these comments is a relief that everyone hasn't lost their mind. I think the real election fraud is way worse than expected. I believe Trump won by a landslide in every state including Nevada. The initial results came in 75% for Trump and then all of a sudden it was 56 to 44. Common sense is sometihng we all have and is what we all need to use to tell these politicians they are no longer going to hurt us. .


And yet, even the Democrats are ignoring things and moving along like Biden is going to be President ( we know not for long ), Harris as a short timer V.P. as she will step in as Prezzie. All well planned out. Democrats are moving along and pushing their narrative. I get the feeling that they are going to FORCE their way into the WH. Because they have BLM/ANTIFA that will do the dirty work for them. YES. President Donald J Trump won in a landslide. We ALL know this. But the Democrats are acting like it never happened and that Trump doesn't exist. This is a clear warning sign and of what is to come.


How to create a crisis and take away freedoms:

1. Report all illnesses as coronavirus - check the major cities department of health reports. An unnatural drop in flu cases and other infectious diseases is paired with an increase in coronavirus cases.

2. Report all deaths as COVID-19. Again, reports available online through health departments. No increase in mortality rate across the United States. This doesn't make sense during a "pandemic" - suggests that the number of deaths and causes of death have not changed, just the way they are reported.

3. Shut down hospitals and health care centers near and in big cities. Reduce hospital staff. This creates a sense of increased emergency hospital traffic, but actually is just concentrating the traffic at select facilities.

4. Isolate the population and restrict traveling to decrease the ability to recognize what is happening.

5. Partner with the media to report constant warnings, and conflicting reports to cause general confusion.

6. Create a face for the "crisis" that is untouchable, something sacred that will be used to deter and attack doubters - Nurses.

7. Polarize the public by politicizing their opinions, to ensure a gridlock of actions and further slow any descent.

8. Take away the ability for individuals to support themselves to gain further dependency on the government.

9. Create a general disdain for those trying to hold onto our freedom by labeling them equivalent to murderers - count every death as COVID-19 and blame its continued existence on protesters.

10. Win elections with promises of handouts and protection.

11. Pass laws to allow sweeping government authority, and validating unconstitutional responses to anything the government deems as a crisis

The information is out there. A study by Stanford University on infection rate - Infectious disease surveillance reports through health departments - Detroit Free Press article on closing hospitals and reducing staff - Reports by ABC news on what is being counted as COVID-19 deaths - Dr. Fauci press conference in which he says a patient who dies and test positive will be counted as COVID-19 no matter the circumstances.

I know, everybody has a friend of a friend who is dealing with this, and it is real, they see all the people on ventilators. The number of people on ventilators has not changed, they are just concentrated to the overwhelmed and understaffed city hospitals. There is a news article on that as well. I am part of the supply chain to make all those needed ventilators. Do you know where they are now? In a warehouse.

The truth is out there if you want to look for it. If it doesn't fit your political views though, you won't look for it.


And add to that ~ I think hospitals are being told to doctor things up and make things look worse. I worked in the healthcare field for 30 years and most of the people that I worked with were Democrats. I knew Sisolak would pull this. He is a coward. And by way, if anyone has plans to move to another state that is NOT controlled by Democrats, the time is now. They will block you from moving. Look at what Hawaii is doing. No visitors allowed unless you have PASSED one their TRUSTED COVID-19 TEST. Yes, they have their own that they prefer people use. What does that tell you? Let Hawaii be the first to SINK, because they will. But, this is what will happen, you NOT be allowed to travel or whatever unless you have had the test and the vaccines. People don't believe it, but Hawaii is already proving it. Pay attention and keep eyes wide open...


I am NOT going to wear a mask outdoors. No can do. Mask are what is making one sick! YOU know this Sisolak. But, yep, it didn't take long, this had been planned looong ago. You are following the Democratic agenda and NWO. So, tell me, are you daughters having to do the same? I bet not. Didn't take long before you pulled a Newsom out the hat. You follow everything that California Governor does. Why? Don't you have a mind of YOUR OWN? I know, I know, its all about conditioning us. And thinking we're going to blindly accept NWO. NOPE. There are far too many of us that will stand against this. I also believe that the hospitals are being TOLD to comply with the BS or else. Just a funny feeling.... I just to work in a hospital. Mask are NOT meant to be worn for too long. MASK are what is causing one to get sick. The being told to stay indoors and not be outside in the fresh air and sunshine. Its a proven fact that fresh air and sunshine are what a body NEEDS. NOT MASK. NOT STAYING INDOORS.


Going to have 20+ people at my house for Thanksgiving. Can't wait to take the picture where we're all flipping Sisolak the bird, gonna even have the little kids get in on it.


His "facts" are flawed. His "science" is a lie, when paramedics, nurses, and PAs are still laid off due to lack of patients it just shows it's all flawed. People need to wake up and see where the money goes, Las Vegas Paving is still redoing the blvd, big business is booming. Hey, we have a new arch by the strat but I can't have a party at my own house. Time for people to stand up and save Nevada, Californians go back and take Sisolack with you. Hospitals in Las Vegas are no busier than a normal day with people who won't go to their own doctors for the sniffles. It's the FLU we all need to get it and get on with life. It's pathetic that the Libtards think that it's the plague.


Communist tyrant Sisolak works for SOROS to decimate the economy and imprison citizens He CHEATED THE ELECTION now wants to lock you in to "self isolate" like a prisoner and tell yiu what to do in your own home. HE NEEDS TO BE ARRESTED for treason!!! And election fraud.


If masks are soooooooo effective , then why are the cases going up ? How about you show Nevada one study that says mask work ? Answer , you cant ! And how about you tell Nevada of all the false positives that are occurring ? You wont because then you couldnt pad your numbers .

Nevadans need to come together and resist these lockdown restrictions and not comply . This is the biggest hoax in american history . And heres another option for all you sheep out there , how about YOU lock yourself in your house while the rest of of us live our lives . I hope everyone remembers what this a**clown of a Govenor has done to you , your family and Nevada when re-election comes around . This guy is nothing but a puppet for the Dems and cant make a decision without consulting them first !!!


You need to be locked down or up. It is fools like you that likely welcome those from infected California and Arizona with open arms. And let your rug rats run around without any mask at all in retail stores, especially food stores touching everything if not knocking it off the shelf. Nevadans need to come together yes, but to kick morons like you to the curb or stand you out on the 15 blindfolded, so you can get your just dues.


"...fools like you that likely welcome those from infected California and Arizona with open arms."

Are you even aware that Sisolak is actively promoting continued tourism in Vegas and begging people in other states & around the world to visit us? He's tightening the screws on NV residents, yet out the other side of his mouth, he's doing exactly what you just complained about.

Next time, know what you're talking about before wishing harm on someone else, like you just did in your posting. Stupid sheep.


You need to learn what is going on around you and spend less time in the comment section of websites. It just proves what most can see, that sadly your IQ test came back negative. This state is way too much like California, and cries wolf if a bar is closed. Well take a look at NYC, which at one point was the epicenter for this virus. Rise in cases yes, but nothing like Cali, Arizona, and Texas. Restricted dining, closed bars and gyms, and guess what, the numbers are coming down. Proof that those places do nothing but harbor and spread this stuff. But god forbid Casino bars are closed. Simple answer, in your next life don't live above your means as most in this city do, and find another industry to work in other than gaming. And yes Einstein, they are out there.


Dirty corrupt communist Sisolak thinks he can tell you what ti do IN YOUR HOUSE THESE PEOPLE ARE PSYCHOTIC TYRANTS. RIOT IN THE STREET! DONT COMPLY. He cheated the election now is pulling this scheme to keep you in imprisoned. He works for SOROS to DESTROY AMERICA


What a joke!!




Wait just a minute here, or a couple of hours, I will attempt to dispel your theory about comrad sisolav's scumbaggedness...Nevermind, after a couple of hours of trying to come up with enough evidence to persuade you to not be so critical of a man with a double digit IQ. Forget it, I got nothing, due to the fact he is a Leftist Anti American Scumbag....


I honestly feel if he shuts the casino's down, the casino heads will be coming after him. Sisolak will not have a job.


Our hypocritical buffoon is going to honor us with more bull****.


More horrible news,from this communist pig !


He better NOT pull a Newsom. Enough is enough. This was all well planned out by the Democrats. It's pretty obvious the agenda.


What ever happened to the States contact tracing network??? Where's the money gone??? FBI needs to get involved fast before the money is gone and forgotten.

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