LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Gov. Steve Sisolak issued a declaration of emergency in a press conference Thursday night not to stoke fear, he said, but to open access to resources for the state of Nevada.


Gov. Steve Sisolak press conference on COVID-19 in Nevada in Las Vegas on Thursday, March 12, 2020.

"This is not a reason to panic," Sisolak noted. "This emergency declaration opens an Emergency Response Team to coordinate efforts in response to COVID-19."

Sisolak explained that the declaration would help loosen regulations for emergency supply purchases.

So far in Nevada, 11 total cases have been identified related to COVID-19, including 9 presumptive positive and two positive cases across the state.

Sisolak spoke about a new website that was developed to provide Nevadans with the tools they need to understand the virus and seek help, should the need arise.



"Our ability to test comes down to capacity," Sisolak said. "Getting more people tested is the only way to know the extent of what we're dealing with."


"We are concerned about the economic impact to the state of Nevada," Sisolak said. "I am extremely concerned about our hourly employees. We are hopeful we will be able to weather the economic storm."

Since the outbreak, several valley businesses have felt the brunt of canceled conventions, lower visitation and growing citizen fears.


When asked if there were arrangements made to limit large groups of people or cause shutdowns as other states have done, Sisolak said there were no immediate plans in place, but would continue to assess what works for Nevada.


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(6) comments

Medium Mack

Maybe it’s me but this guy has the general appearance of a cheap used car sales scumbag? Totally a disgusting liberal hack!

Medium Mack

Guys standing there looking like a dumb useless liberal boob ! Who are these other dead beat losers milking money,standing around,aka suckies !


I totally agree. Anything to get his hands on the $$$.


More B.S. from the lying left scrounging for money from the Fed. Sisolak is a con artist endorsed by Eric Holder


Totally agree. I knew this was coming, he just couldn't wait to get his hands on the money.


Spot on. Can't stand this Governor. The Major I agree with. Not Sisolak.

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