Sisolak 4th of July messgae

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak announced on Monday that bars in Humboldt, Lander and Lyon counties may reopen at 50% capacity while those in Clark, Elko, Nye and Washoe counties would have to remain closed until further notice. 

He made the announcement Monday night at a press conference in Carson City to address the state's COVID-19 response. The governor said that the decision to allow bars to reopen was based on the average number of COVID-19 tests administered per day, case rate and test positivity rate with consideration for regional population size.

"In the previous directive, we closed all the bars. In hindsight, I don’t know if that was the fairest way to do it because we had a lot of bars that were being extremely proactive and extremely effective in terms of mitigating and taking protocols," Sisolak said.

In July, 37 Nevada bars and taverns filed a lawsuit accusing Sisolak and the state of ordering their closures "arbitrarily and capriciously." The governor has declined to comment on the pending litigation.

Sisolak said that the Nevada Health Response Team is working to finalize a long-term mitigation strategy for the state, to be released next Monday. He emphasized that there will need to be a shift from regulation and enforcement on the state level, to a more local level.

The governor said he would like to see enforcement officers operating in municipalities, zip codes and specific industries that are seeing increases in cases, hospitalizations and contagion rates. He also expressed frustration at the efficacy of some local enforcement efforts. 

"I'm tired of educating. I'm tired of ambassadors that deal with this stuff," Sisolak said. "I need enforcement officers that are going to go out and punish the bad guys and not punish the good guys." 

Other goals of the statewide long-term mitigation strategy include working with the Department of Health and Human Services to develop more in-depth, data driven criteria to inform localities' responses; and to define "mitigation levels" so that each county would know what benchmarks need to be met, before lifting restrictions.  

Sisolak announced that COVID-19 Response Director Caleb Cage would lead a new advisory group composed of agency directors in charge of enforcement and public health, as well as local officials and hospital representatives. The group will review data on a weekly basis and work with local officials to target mitigation efforts. 

In July, case count, hospitalizations and fatalities have been on the rise in Nevada. The state has had more than 43,000 confirmed cases and more than 700 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. Meanwhile, the state seen an increase of testing, compliance and mask-wearing.

State Deputy Administrator Julia Peak said on Monday the state’s contact tracing is slated to make strides in the next few weeks with additional case investigators and contact tracers forthcoming.

Sisolak stressed that wearing face coverings, social distancing and other health guidelines should be the norm now, and emphasized the need for local governments to cooperate to prevent the disease from spreading further. He took aim at some local officials he said are not taking the health mandates seriously enough. 

"This isn't a joke, when someone's wearing a doily on their face and says that that's a mask. Or another city council person says, 'I don't want them coming into my area to mom and pop businesses and closing anybody down,'" Sisolak said. "The violators need to be punished and those that are following the rules need to be rewarded and allowed to stay open." 

Sisolak's last press conference on COVID-19 was held July 9, when he ordered bars in some Nevada counties to return to Phase 1 protocol.

Nevada has remained in Phase 2 reopening since May. In June, Sisolak said Nevada was not ready for Phase 3 plans and extended the Phase 2 protocol through the end of July.

Since then, cases have spiked in Nevada, namely in Clark County, which was recently deemed a "red zone" for coronavirus by the White House.

Sisolak also said a second special session for the Nevada Legislature was tentatively scheduled to start Thursday. One of the issue to be discussed was in-person voting, however the governor did not go into detail on the matter.

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(49) comments


Communist pig should be water boarded for answers from few local radio hosts ! He’s a stooge ,for dumbocrat puppet masters ! Horrible communist agenda!


If wearing masks, and doing the correct thing bothers so many of you that much, here is a novel idea....STAY HOME. No one will miss you and the $5.00 you spend at a casino to get that FREE beer since you don't tip. And for the old folks whining about those who smoke, stay home, and turn your own air conditioner on. Playin 1 and 1 or roaming around a casino to avoid spending on electricity is idiotic. And no one will miss the $2.00 you spend. No casino will close it's doors because you old fools aren't there. The same applies to the go cart people. You won't be missed either. Masks are a way of life right now, and smoking the last time I checked is still allowed at casinos. Better to keep the fools from California and Arizona out as they have no regard for rules or anything else. Mindless wonders that are spreading this virus wherever they go. The two biggest hot spots right now are southern California, and Arizona. And we keep letting them in dictating policy to us. Stay home and infect your own family and neighbors.


Showing compassion for the elderly is not one of your virtues. Electricity is expensive when all you have is a measley social security check. But you wouldn't know about that. So continue spouting off on your soap box. You are so predictable.


The Governor says "in hindsight, closing all bars might not have been the fairest way to do things." Yet he doubles down and continues to keep them closed even though most were in compliance. Give me a break! Open the state back up so we can get back to work!!!


SISOLAK DOESN"T CARE about you all struggling for food and money. He has it made here as GOV. Keep the people down has always been the model of his administration. Schools are closed due to no money and SISOLAK needs to be investigated by FBI for the testing and money for COVID 19. FBI where are you???


Good Lord. Are you THAT seriously delusional?

You really have no clue, do ya?


SISOLAK gave up. Not delusional just the facts. You live in a cave or under a rock so a word to you stay in and don't go out seems like your content with not working and having things closed down. So do us all a favor stay in and come out in 6 months. Problem is I have a clue but someone like you jumps to conclusions and already formulated an opinion about EVERYTHING so what anyone says you say the same thing over and over and over.


SISOLAK.... Your time is up. YOU are being asked to step down as Governor. You are no longer needed. PERIOD.








Oh, MAN! Whew!

FUNNY, funny stuff!!!


We give up freedom so easily. its over people freedom is gone forever. Fake pandemic in which no one knows anyone who has died has allowed to communists government unions to seize absolute power forever without a shot being fired. Fake testing with people who registered and never tested getting letters form our lovely Obamacare hospital that they are positive, so many false positives where people are told they are positive on the first test, take and second test and a antibody test both of with are negative . This is the end of freedom forever. election year politics


I would like to point out that I do know someone who has died from the virus. but in all fairness she was an older lady and did not even live in the states, so the medical care was not as good as it is out here.


Well governor, you just seem to still be under the illusion that somehow you were given dictatorial powers when the people of this state mistakenly elected you to work for US? Somewhere along the way you've lost sight of who works for whom? We needed our governor to give us much needed informat, details, statistics, insight. But instead we got an arrogant, angry vague uninsightful frustrated jerk. We have a language code I must adhere to else I would choose much different adjectives to describe your behavior this evening. If your getting tired of " educating" the good citizens who are paying you full salary plus benefit's to do your job, then by all means RESIGN.


Hes not the only one frustrated trying to educate the uneducated people like yourself


His term isn't over until 2023. By then Las Vegas will cease to exist as a tourist destination. People come here to have fun and not deal with the same situation they have in their own state. Guess what. We have the same situation so why bother. Unless he is recalled, we'll just become another Californiastan.


This guy is a complete maroon. I love how paid-for-life kings of the land can pass edicts that take away the livelihoods of us "unwashed masses" and then threaten us and vilify us as "bad guys" because we too, would like to earn a living. Priceless. This fecal matter has to go.


123, I hardly call blocking roads and trying to break into vehicles with drivers inside a peaceful protest. Maybe you consider them peaceful, but I would run them over since I would consider that an assault on my life. Liberals think this is all fun and games until it happens to them.


I never said it was peaceful, or that I supported it. I'm just pointing out there is giant middle ground between these protests and anarchy. They are not as big of a deal as some news providers would like us to believe.


Since the June 4th reopening, Nevada has seen a 34,000 case increase in the number of Covid-19 ain't rocket science folks.

Voz de Razon

Have you verified those numbers? Is there no way at all they can be cooked numbers? No vehicle accidentes mixed in there, like in NY and Orlando? Yes. Let's just trust our be-jowled overlord. He is beyond reproach.


and the numbers have drastically risen since the mask mandates went into effect. If masks were to work, would not science show the numbers going down?


How could you know by zip code ??? Does the virus let you know where its hanging out? People are not going to listen so get ready for mass infection and death rates to soar. Sisolak you should have shut down the state because now you own this one!


Walleee, we all know that if you wear a mask and stay 6ft away from everyone you are protected. The virus can only jump 5'9" so it's okay. Sisolak already knows this.


Population density does play a factor in transmission, so the more populated zip codes will most likely have higher rates of infection. Those living in their Summerlin estates will be able to social distance much easier than the apartment dwellers on Maryland Parkway. Let's hope people listen and do their part to help everyone, there are no perfect plans, but doing something is better than nothing.




Seanwally you must not work,retired or what???. Also what type of industry you work in to have the responses to these peoples posts??? It's really something you need to think about the industries people work in here in Nevada before condeming people to want to get things open again. Like many others have said. STAY HOME IF YOU DON'T like the situation. DON'T PUT YOUR VALUES ON OTHERS.


Sean sounds like a school teacher or some worthless government worker.


Then punish the protesters and rioters not taxpayers getting haircuts!


The reporting over the protests is way overblown. Remember the Occupy protests? We left them alone and eventually they got bored and went home, other than graffiti relatively little damage was done and we all moved on with our lives.


These anarchists are not in the same league as the occupy loonies. They have threatened motorists by blocking roads and destroyed property. People's livelihood have been destroyed. I have no empathy for them or anybody who backs them. You better pray that they get "bored" before they come here.


Blocking roads is protesting 101, hardly anarchy. Look at how Portland is displayed in the media, they make it look like a war-zone when almost everything is contained to one block and 99% of the people move on with their normal lives, well as normal as it can be COVID-19.


A request.

When reporting the number of covid19 cases, please also report the total number of tests. Perhaps even the percentage positives out of the total number of cases.

Thanks very much.


I think this would be helpful too, more information is always welcome.


This President is going to get so many killed with the virus that it isn't funny! He is more worried about his polls than life. Sisolak I hope you make the right decision to shut down and save lives!


Could you possibly have less of a clue?


The clue is happening right before your eyes;) Just open them!

Voz de Razon

Sean, it IS right in front of you. But you refuse to see.


Walleee, we all be glad when you start school again.


Naw, school is for those who pretend to be smart and really never learned anything by going. So lets be realistic, you haven't really thought this through;)


You make me laugh, you must be a government leach getting paid with real working people’s taxes.


Maybe he is resigning in order to complete his transgender operations?


Governor Sisolak, people are not wearing their masks in casinos and airlines are bringing in infected people from states like Florida which is gambling with this virus. We need to stop the spread and shut down Vegas otherwise the results will be dire and any efforts will prove futile.


Give it a break Sean, all you do is whine. Lock yourself up no one cares!


Sure people care otherwise why are they on here like yourself;)


You need to get a life. But, Here's a thought you sheep. You want to shut down Vegas...are YOU prepared to support everyone because they don't have a job?


Each one should carry his own load. It's people like you who depend on people like me. Try to have a little faith;)

Voz de Razon

How? How can people carry their own load if Pissolak won't let them? Oh! But Pissolak's checks still come. No wonder he's in no hurry to reopen.


I stand corrected. You CAN have less of a clue.


Your standards must be really low;)


I was just at a big casino and everyone was wearing a mask. They took it off to smoke and eat and immediately put the masks back on. And last I heard, smoking causes more deaths than this virus.

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