LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Gov. Steve Sisolak on Sunday announced a statewide eviction moratorium. The directive will apply to the duration of the state of emergency.

Sisolak was joined Sunday afternoon with Attorney General Aaron Ford and State Treasurer Zach Conine to talk about housing stability amid the virus pandemic. 

  • If you are unable to pay rent, Sisolak advised tenants to reach out directly to their landlords, property managers and lenders.
  • Click here for mortgage assistance details. 

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak speaks during a news conference on the state's preparations for the coronavirus Friday, Feb. 28, 2020, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher)

"This is not the time to put people out on the streets," Sisolak said. "This is also not the time to evict small business owners who have been hit by the economic fallout by this pandemic."


Sisolak said the state is prohibiting lock-outs, notices to quit or pay and eviction filings for as long as Nevada is in a state of emergency. It applies to both residential and commercial tenants.

This directive applies to those residing in extended stay motels and weekly rentals, according to the governor's office. 

Landlords can continue to evict dangerous tenants, who Sisolak said are those who pose a threat to other residents, the public or their property. "Dangerous tenants" does not include those who are self-isolating because they have been diagnosed with the virus or are healthcare workers or first responders who may be exposed due to their work.

"This does not constitute free rent or mortgage," Sisolak said. The directive doesn't end contractual obligations between tenants and landlords, property managers and lenders, he said.  

FOX5 breaks down the latest emergency directive from Gov. Steve Sisolak aimed at rent and mortgages.

Landlords must also keep to the contract regarding maintenance and other services. All late fees must be waived in this period, Sisolak said. Tenants and landlords are asked to work together to figure out a repayment plan within 30 days of March 29. The directive also applies to evictions already filed in the court, with the exception of dangerous tenants. 

Sisolak also warned landlords that they can not lock out tenants or put notices on the tenants' doors and mailboxes to scare them into moving out. 

Gov. Steve Sisolak announced an emergency moratorium on evictions on Sunday.

"The goal here is to keep people at home," Sisolak said. The Attorney Generals' office will handle those trying to work around the directive. 

According to Legal Aid of Southern Nevada, weekly motel residents -- such as Budget Suites and Siegel Suites -- are protected under the governor's directive. Residents of hotels who have stayed at the facility for more than 30 days are also included under the order.


State Treasurer Zach Conine said his office is working to take "additional risks off the table for workers and families who are struggling."

Conine said they've been working with banks, lenders and credit unions to coordinate relief for Nevadans. 

"Most lenders are now offering homeowners facing financial hardships due to COVID-19 a 90-day grace period, allowing Nevadans to delay their mortgage payments until they get back on their feet," Conine said. He explained that lenders are willing to work directly to organize repayment so no one is hit with a lump sum owed at the end of the grace period. 

Late fees on mortgage payments are also waived for 90 days, Conine said. Late payments will not be reported to credit agencies, so long as the homeowner has worked with their lender. 

Conine stressed homeowners to reach out directly to their lender for help.

Attorney General Aaron Ford at the Sunday press conference said he had been contacted by uncooperative landlords and said the actions of some were "absolutely unacceptable."

All three men stressed the focus of the directive is to keep Nevadans at home.

Ford said his office is offering $2 million in settlement funds to United Way of Southern Nevada and of Northern Nevada for their emergency food and shelter program.

More details of the funding were expected in the coming days. 

"We are Battle Born, and we will get through this storm," Ford said. "Together, we will get through this."

Sisolak said the Nevada Health Response website will be updated with additional information regarding housing stability.

The press conference was held at the Grant Sawyer State Office Building in downtown Las Vegas. Sisolak also held a moment of silence for Nevada Highway Patrol Sgt. Ben Jenkins, who was fatally shot Friday morning


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(11) comments


You definitely can tell the greedy and cowardly landlords by far by there comments . There is no debate I will tell you what’s right and await for anyone to give logic against it. Renters and owners both are given a break from the immediate demand for payment of rent and on owners payment of a purchase neither have late fees or marks against them so what is happening with the break is simply life got put on hold. Which kinda makes since since everything else is on hold in a society. When someone is pissed about not getting thier money when everyone else is not getting there’s either nbecause it’s a serious state of emergency, than that person should be cast out from society until they learn the value of others . If you want to be a part of society than be a part of it not a parasite. Now the only problem is people that are property owners usually make a higher income normally by percent. Renters are more prone to be living check to check so this vacation for property owners is like a early mini retirement for them because there payments are for a duration of time spent in thier home that’s free because they don’t pay rent they are buying something on a fixed amount . Renters pay rent which means the time they spend in the home is thier money not towards anything of value no purchase it is money spent with no equity no investments and no set amount because time keeps going and they pay for time not a purchase. Therefore they will be in massive debt while greedy landlords are not missing a dime not even time during this shutdown just a short delay and some are even so self absorbed that they evictin


it says their will be no changes to contractual obligations...what about the elimination of late charges, is that not a contractual obligation of tenants. double talk and lies


Hello, I've been renting to own this property since 2013. On the document my mother and grandmother signed to buy this property for 25,000 plus 5% intrested. My grandmother passed away 2018 and I moved in her home. The owner said it was all alright. He was spouse to mail me a new contract with my name on it. But never did so. It's been a full year I've been living here, paying the taxes, rent, and sewer. I guess last year in September he sold this property to a this rental place. This lady is now trying to evict me and my son. Shes already tryed offering me $800 to move out in two weeks. I refused it. Shes had her lawyer come inspect the place yesterday. Shes saying our contract is voided. Since 2019. On our contract there is no expiration date. She said I pay 15,0000 now or shes selling the place from underneath me.. I need help.. Oh the original landlord was kind enough to let my grandmother slide on some of the house payments.. honestly the place should be paid in full by now but isnt, that's why when she passed I took over the payments. This shouldn't be happening due to the governor's state of emergency. Can anyone please help me. I'm begging


Landlords are the epitome of a small business. Most would work with a good tenant, but to put some kind of rule on them, and give the power to the tenant, is wrong.


Sisolak is a disaster. Telling people they dont have to pay rent in Vegas will cause millions in losses, this whole thing is unbelievable. Didnt people get tax returns? This is really a bad response. Wheres all of the unemployment? Vegas is crashing for small business.


You are exactly right. I don't see that idiot Sisolak forgiving property taxes for landlords.


Unemployment? Those that were LAID OFF because of Coronavirus? The State of NV told them they had to keep looking for work. Really? Yup. There are no jobs right now. Just the ones like Grocery Stores, Hospitals, etc.... Work From Home? Interesting how that suddenly is okay and doable, whereas before, they naysayed it and wanted YOU the employee to COME IN. This kept even the disabled from being able to work. Now, they can't. This brought it all out in the open. We should be allowed to work from home. But, yes, Sisolak IS a disaster and will be voted OUT.

Ryan Masters

It's about time that the predatory landlords are put in check. Always so quick to want to evict. They want to keep that security deposit, and get a new tenant in ASAP with another security deposit. It's all about keeping their pockets full; and yours empty.


You are so wrong. Landlords provide a service for which they expect payment (Rent). I am sorry you have had a bad experience.


Ryan is correct. Most really don't care about tenants, just their pockets full of money. Because of the apartment complex where we live? Many have remained empty. Gee, I wonder why? The Grapevine about the owners in San Diego. They have been sued left and right. Slumlords. Rent is WAY to HIGH, the jacuzzi doesn't work,etc Supposedly now under new owners and slowly tending to things. Time will tell how they really are. I think, the longer the tenant is there each year, their rent should go DOWN. That's how you keep tenants.


Here's a suggestion - MOVE - and find a place more suitable.

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