Gov. Steve Sisolak addresses the media on Thursday, April 16, 2020.

Rent assistance is here through the Cares Act. Learn how to apply at

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak signed and emergency directive on Thursday to lift the moratorium on evictions, in what he called a "phased" approach. 

Landlords of commercial tenancies and mortgages may charge late fees, initiate lockouts, or start eviction actions for non-payment of rent or foreclosure proceedings beginning July 1. The order allows residential evictions and foreclosures to resume on September 1. Late fees or penalties for non-payment of rent or mortgage may not be charged retroactively. 

For those staying in transient lodging (hotels, inns, motels, motor courts, boarding houses or lodging houses), eviction or other appropriate removal proceedings may begin on June 25, 2020.

Attorneys with Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada clarify, however, that long-term tenants at weekly motels (who have stayed more than 30 days) have the same rights as renters, and eviction proceedings will begin Sept. 1. 

Tenants with no lease or "at will" tenants can be evicted August 1. Attorneys caution, however, a landlord cannot modify a lease for lack of non-payment. 

“It is just as imperative today as it was when I signed the original directive to allow Nevadans to stay home and stay safe as much as possible, while also providing clarity and a timeline in which rental obligations must be met,” said Sisolak. 

The directive reinstates residential summary evictions and unlawful detainer actions prior to September 1 for certain causes other than non-payment of rent. These caused based actions do not include non-payment of rent, but include holdover tenants, tenants at will, waste, unlawful business, nuisance, violations of controlled substance laws, and violations of lease conditions other than non-payment of rent. 

Sisolak urged landlords and tenants to work together and collaborate on repayment plans. 

Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada is preparing to help numerous residents with questions. Their phone number is (702) 386-1070 and to see the website, click here.   

Attorneys with Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada provided FOX5 with the following advice:

"DON’T PANIC. On June 25, Governor Sisolak announced that the eviction moratorium which had paused evictions in Nevada would gradually lift.  The key word is gradually.  The moratorium remains largely in place until September 1, 2020, and no evictions for missed rent can occur before that date.

"EDUCATE YOURSELF ABOUT YOUR RIGHTS AND STAY UPDATED. Find out exactly what the Governor’s directive says and stay on top of new developments.  Things are changing fast, so arm yourself with accurate information.  Don’t rely on gossip from a friend or neighbor, and don’t assume what your landlord says is accurate.  A reliable place to get up-to-date information is Legal Aid Center’s COVID Toolkit, available at

"KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR NEW RENTAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS. When the Governor announced the gradual lift of the moratorium, he also announce a new $50 million program to assist tenants through the Nevada State Treasurer’s Office.  Clark County is also developing a program and has dedicated $30 million to help renters.  So help might be right around the corner!  But only if you keep your eyes peeled for it.  Keep checking the Toolkit on Legal Aid Center’s website,, for up-to-date information.

"GET A GOOD PICTURE OF YOUR FINANCES. In the next few weeks, you might find yourself applying for rental assistance or negotiating with your landlord about a repayment plan.  So make sure you have a clear picture of your money.  If you don’t have a budget, create one so you know how much money is coming in and going out and how much you might have left over to devote to repayment.  Also calculate exactly how much rent you’ve missed and how much it will cost to stay in your apartment.  And if you’re still applying for unemployment benefits, keep plugging away no matter how frustrating.


"GATHER IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS. It’s unclear what documentation the new rental assistance programs will want, so be prepared.  Gather copies of your pre-COVID paystubs and bank statement to show what you were making before the pandemic; gather documents showing how you’ve been financially impacted, maybe a layoff notice, a notice of salary reduction, or a letter awarding unemployment benefits; and gather documents showing what your current income is, maybe unemployment statements, paystubs, or bank statements.  If you’ve received rent demands or invoices from your landlord, collect those as well to show how much you owe.

"EVALUATE YOUR SITUATION CRITICALLY. Use this time to evaluate your situation and decide whether it makes sense.  Will you be able to afford your current apartment going forward?  Would it make more sense to downsize?  To move in with a roommate or family?  The new rental assistance programs might pay for moving expenses and down payments.  So maybe it makes more sense to use the money to move than to pay back rent on an apartment you can’t afford only to face eviction again in a month.  If you need to make a change, now might be the time to do it.


"DON’T BE FORCED INTO A REPAYMENT PLAN. For some people, signing a repayment plan for missed rent might make perfect sense.  For others, it might make none.  Every situation is different.  It could be that you’re missing some information – like the possibility of rental assistance --- that makes it currently impossible to evaluate what’s right for you.  As part of its plan, Clark County will have people available to help you evaluate your options.  Legal Aid Center will also have attorneys available to help.  So take your time, don’t be forced into anything, and make sure you’re making the smartest decisions for you."

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(17) comments


Also why did the sissy -lack not enforce anything for people metro has helped more evictions during pandemic than fathomable it’s illegal what they did with me I had to threaten gunfire while metro was watching 4 armed security guards attempting a home invasion I called 911 4 times and they ask me why I wasn’t letting them in um because they have threatened my physical safety and the officer said I should just open the door that no one was gonna get hurt at this time , then mention kicking in my door not him but the security guards will he said I’m still stuck in my apartment three days later cuz I’m scared I’ve got video and everything he should of arrested them I asked for his nam and they all left and put a eviction for Nussance on my door they are suppose to give me five day today but they will probally do like always try to force their way in to force me out today I will short to kill and metro made me feel unsafe more than anything and he was suppose to be protecting but sissylack doesn’t have any way to enforce these executive orders useful as toilet paper


Property owners don’t have to pay during memorandum it’s like a mini early retirement they don’t lose one cent by renters not paying if rent is forgiven everyone would have just lost time and not had to be in debt since property owners don’t pay rent which is based on time of occupancy and your buying the time like renters do instead owners are making a flat price purchase and doesn’t cost them anymore at all . Not one cent is lost if you own property or they won’t stop getting there paycheck but people that work jobs but couldn’t and have to pay the greedy parasites (just the ones complaining about money from people that have no means to pay now) its once again keep the poor poor and I’m debt they didn’t abolish slavery they changed the name of it to credit


Not a word about property taxes, mandatory insurance payments and utilities. Who is supposed to pay for these things while people are not paying rent?


The businesses qualify for help thru cares act there are several options that will give a grant or loan for businesses, we talkin bout the people here!!


I do agree that those should be paid anything consumed by life being put on hold anything that pays for time should be dropped but if something’s consumed it has to be paid for


Oh But FATHEAD LIBERAL TRAITOR SISOLAK IS EORRIED ABOUT LOWERING FLAGS TO PANDER TO BLACK PEOPLE WHILE VEGAS IS CRUMBLING BECAUSE HE IS INEPT AND A PUPPET. Steve Sisolak was installed as Governor, not by Obozo and the So ros cabal. He isnt interested in Las Vegas, hes intetested in decimating the economy, the real estate market and putting people on welfare so China can buy up the ruins. Get out as fast as you he will turn on the race baiting and "White People" will be targeted for violence and will not get jobs. Just wait....Hes been a disaster from day 1. Get Out Of Nevada ASAP. Oh and he made MGM CEO "head of virus task force" days after Murren sold all of his MGM stock and resigned....HES NOT A DR! What does that tell you? The fix was in and they cashed out. Traitors all of them. Las Vegas will NOT RECOVER with a Communist corrupt DemocRat Governor.

life is a lie

we should all pay this coward a visit and protest


Hey moron Sisolak you don't know what stress this will bring on people and as this virus takes hold you will be forced to shut down again! Casinos are disobedient to your orders and the infection rate will cause so many to suffer because they need homes too. You might want to find another state you can ruin! Shut down the state now before this gets even more out of control and then you will have no other choice than to break the bad news! Do it now to save lives. Sheltering in place should be mandatory. Why are you allowing flights to and from hot spots??? How bad are you trying to bring the covid19 ? Are you in a race to see if we can break the numbers of New York or something??? People should not be out right now.


While COVID-19 is real, so are DWI deaths and murders. In fact the latter mentioned cause far more deaths annually yet you don't see us all running and hiding until they dissipate. While COVID deaths affect less than 1% of our population, the shutdowns have affected exactly 100% of the population and this simply can't continue. More people will die of suicide and murder due to the financial strains of the shutdown than will die of COVID... and it will happen to anyone, not just the old and feeble. You're also not understanding that if anyone or any country sees that we will hide in fear indefinitely then they will send people en masse to keep us infected. That's just how human behavior works. You can't save everyone and living a life in fear is no life at all. I can empathize with your fears, especially if you are in a particularly at-risk group, but it's been our response to COVID, not COVID itself, that has done untold damage who's affects have not even been felt. Thanks for reading.


Hey moron.....Get out while you can, he wants you dead so he can steal more federal money.


Nevada has gambled with the lives of the common folk and forgot about the little guys.... I’m a 35 year resident!!! I didn’t want to quit my job but had too. Now I’m being evicted without a chance to get back on my feet, as I stay in a weekly. I haven’t seen a dime in unemployment or pua and now I’m homeless after losing my car... I don’t want to die from Covid!!! Governor please reconsider... people’s lives depend on it , or at least pay out all claims for benefits!!!!!!


They should pay the claims and sort out the rest later...


I drive lyft , Uber and live in a weekly, and Mr sisolak has now made me homeless on top of not paying me my PUA, I live in a weekly for proximities to my job via the strip.... now with now money just claim pending my weekly land lord is threatening me to get out by no fault of my own.. this is not just unfair, it’s not human.... way to treat a gal Vegas I now have no car and no house.... here from the south for 7years payin taxes and voting for these jokers!!!!


This is very unfair for the Governor to put hard workin people on the streets today. I live in a weekly by choice but now because of Covid I lost my job PUA hasn’t paid me and now I’m homeless as of today. Way to go siasaloser!!!!


I stand with you, this is very unfair!!!


We have no power let’s just go stay at his house.



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