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LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles will reopen for some services starting June 15.

Nevada DMV director Julie Butler announced the reopening date, along with procedures and safety guidelines, during a virtual press conference Monday.

“We appreciate everyone’s patience as we stayed home for Nevada. We are excited to reopen our doors to the public on June 15,” Butler said. “What I want to make clear right from the start is that there is no need for most people to rush into the DMV. We are doing a phased reopening. We want to serve those who need it the most during the first 30 days.”

DMV officials said they would only address the most essential services that prevent someone from being able to drive for their first phase of reopening. Those services include those with a driver’s license suspension, no valid form of ID or a newly-purchased vehicle with no license plates.

Customers who can legally drive are advised to avoid going to the DMV during the first phase of reopening. Those with DMV documents expiring between March 16-July 14 are given an automatic extension, and DMV officials say there's "no rush" to renew.

To adhere to social distancing guidelines, customers may be asked to wait in their car before being called inside for their appointment.

The DMV is suggesting customers where face masks for appointments, but they will not be required. Employees will wear face coverings.

The DMV said they will allow both written and skills driving tests starting this week. Skills test must be made by appointment.

Suspended and revoked licenses will take first priority over new drivers for appointments. DMV test administrators will wear full personal protective equipment, including gowns, face shields and gloves, during tests.

Teens will have to wait until later in reopening to take first time driver's tests.

Despite previously saying they would eliminate appointments, DMV officials said they will offer appointments for services upon reopening

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Close it permanently down ! Privatization of DMV ,insurance office agents ,can do all of these same things better and more efficient ! Smog stations,ez stickers or plates .maybe an address change ! Driving schools can issue licenses and do testing!


How about multi-year registrations? For the money we pay, it should last for the life of the car!


I like the idea of multi-year registrations as an option to add. California offers lifetime fishing licenses for a flat fee and it works out. I'm concerned that privatizing the dmv might add to even more tax dollars being sucked into the system. The goal of a private business is to make money, while ideally the goal of the state should be to govern.

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