LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation said Wednesday that the state submitted its application on Tuesday for the Lost Wages Assistance Grant Program created by President Donald Trump.

In a media release, DETR said Nevada's initial request for LWA is about $300 million. If approved, Nevada claimants will get up to $300 more per week in financial support during the first three weeks of August. 

DETR says only those whose unemployment is COVID-19-related are eligible, per Trump's memorandum. Anyone receiving less than $100 per week in unemployment benefits will not be eligible. 

If Nevada is approved, the state will start on the technology changes needed for the new program. 

LWA has a spending cap of $44 billion nationwide. Once exhausted, the program will end. "Thus, states must reapply each week after the first three weeks, giving FEMA the opportunity to calculate the program’s remaining balance after the first round of grants. The program also would be halted if FEMA’s Disaster Relief Fund balance drops below $25 billion," DETR said. 

DETR also announced Wednesday two applications to the U.S. Department of Labor for $1.7 million for fraud investigations. 

"Nevada has applied for the full amount available to the state: $285,600 through the PEUC Fraud Investigation Activities Grant and $1,499,400 in the PUA Fraud Investigation Activities Grant," DETR said. 

Next week, 200 additional employees will start helping DETR to process claims. They start two weeks of ajudication training later this month. 

DETR said they will have updated information on the Rapid Response Strike Force and backlog efforts later this week.

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So when are they going to pay claims that were approved? It's funny how they're reporting lows in new claims and seemingly all caught up, yet I'm still waiting for my payment. Almost 3 months now.. smh.

Given TF

A handful of states have already started paying out the benefit, and DETR is just now submitting the application weeks after the executive order? Way to go DETR, on the ball like usual👎🏻

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