LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation said Friday it began to roll out funds from the Lost Wages Assistance program.

According to a media release, DETR began the rollout with a test run earlier this week, proving successful. Initial payments in the PUA system began Thursday night. 

"It is important to note that while PUA payments are being deposited, claimants are not yet able to see those payments when they log into their claim on the PUA system," according to the agency. Payments in the UI system will be done in batches over the next several days, DETR said.

Claimants who were eligible for either UI or PUA benefits for the week of August 1 will receive $300 for that week.

Those eligible for unemployment for weeks ending August 8 and August 15 will receive $300 a week for those weeks as well.

Claimants eligible for all three weeks will receive a lump sum of $900.

"Federal law does not provide benefits under this program to claimants in the UI system who receive less than $100 a week in UI benefits. It is important to note that payments will go out to only those claimants that indicated their claim was filed as a result of COVID. Claimants who are determined ineligible for UI or PUA unemployment benefits during any of the weeks would not be eligible for LWA," DETR said. 

For weeks after those listed, DETR said it awarded a lump sum grant amount "which is likely to cover only one or two additional weeks of benefits for qualified claimants." Those payments will be sent one week at a time starting the last week of October. 

Those who are eligible for the additional funds do not need to apply for the extra amount. 

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oh and god blessed everyone of course i was affect it because they are not going to give me the help of the LWA $300 here in nevada i hope that i was laid off thru no fault but they dont care about it what can i do just keep looking for work and keep my self positive for my family and special my kids love them with all my heart


i have 4 kids and i being regular unemployment $469 a week for the past five moths but i Do not qualify for the $300 just because i did not put on my claim that i was affect it by the covid 19 they will not give the help everyone should be equal no money just barely making it with the regular unemployment but what can i do i try to called them but none answers i hope i could start work soon

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