UPDATE (JULY 30) -- On Thursday, multiple unemployment recipients again reached out to FOX5 to say that they had still not received payment for their final pandemic assistance benefits.

In a statement on Tuesday, DETR had said the issue was expected to be resolved tomorrow (Wednesday) and all payments would be caught up shortly after the issue was resolved.

When asked Thursday about multiple claimants still not receiving the payment, a spokesperson for DETR said that the agency would address this at its weekly teleconference on Friday morning.

In a statement provided to FOX5 later Thursday morning, DETR said that claims will be updated in groups resulting in the payments being issued next week. A specific date for these payments was not provided.

The statement from DETR is provided below:

We continue to work in attending the system issue and monitoring our site while addressing the claims impacted by the recently announced system error. Claims will be updated in groups resulting in payments being issued next week. Claimants are not required to take any action.

FOX5 will stream DETR's Friday teleconference on our Facebook page:

Original story continues below.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Multiple unemployment benefit recipients in Nevada reported not receiving their final pandemic assistance benefits Tuesday morning.

The $600 benefit provided by the CARES Act is set to expire July 31. However, multiple people registered with the Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation told FOX5 they did not receive their July 25 payment. 

The federal payment is usually paid out early Tuesday mornings, according to recipients. It isn't immediately clear why some people didn't receive their payment.

In a statement, the agency said "the issue is expected to be resolved tomorrow and all payments will be caught up shortly after the issue is resolved."

Nevada DETR issued the following statement on the matter:

DETR has identified an error in the UI system and staff is working to correct the issue, which has resulted in some claimants reporting they have not received the additional $600 in federal pandemic unemployment compensation this week. The issue is expected to be resolved tomorrow and all payments will be caught up shortly after the issue is resolved. DETR will share further updates if additional issues arise.

As a reminder, claimants file for benefits reflecting the previous week, meaning the first day to file for the week ending July 25 began on July 26. All claimants who are eligible for the federal pandemic unemployment compensation payment will be paid the benefit, including those eligible for retroactive benefits.

For self-employed workers, the deadline for DETR to pay claimants is Tuesday, as ruled by Judge Barry Breslow who adjudicated a lawsuit that several claimants filed against DETR and the State of Nevada for delayed Pandemic Unemployment Assistance payments. 

"DETR is actively working with the vendor to comply with the court’s order and support Nevadans during this difficult time," said a spokesperson for the department on Tuesday. 

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

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(18) comments


August 1st, 5:03 am and still no signs of $600 on my account. Nothing is even pending!


i just dont understand how some people got the$600 and some didnt. isnt everybody in the same system and if so how could this be possible. what did the system go threw and pick out the names of people it wanted to pay and the rest dont pay them somebody had to program the computer to make this mishap thats what im thinking it is a computer and computers only no what you tell them.


Now your talking sense. Why did this happen??? FBI needs to investigate Federal Money here not give to qualified claims. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.


My question is why the other states got their payments and we didn’t get ours when this is a federal payment going out not a state level payment?


July 30th and still nothing from the last deposit of the final fpuc for the “25th”


Its Wednesday the 29th and I have nothing still in my account😔



Wed, 29th. Still nothing. DETR be like... 🤑


It is now 12:51 am and I still have not received the additional $600 covid/cares act $. Also to mention my husbands unemployement is still pending since mid April. We are paying rent-everything on what I receive on unemployment. It's now catching up. Today I am current with rent and most bills. The month of August scares me. I will, Wednesday 7/29, be literally going through items, throwing out, as if I have to move in the next 30-60 days.


Call all the news stations not the local ones the national ones and invite them into your home and say this is happening to me and many other people in Nevada. The national news needs to know about your situation and many others, Seems like they don't care about people struggling right now.


Who are these ''they'' that ''don't care about people struggling right now"? I will freely admit this state (and others around America) have had issues handling the massive influx of COVID-related unemployment claims. Some worse than others and Nevada, with their antiquated system that had to be completely retooled on the fly during the pandemic *(should've been done long ago) is among those having the most serious, egregious issues. That said; I don't think ANYONE in the state system handling COVID-related issues, DETR included, ''doesn't care''. Of course, caring doesn't pay your bills. I hope everyone gets their checks on-time & in the correct amount.

I know this will fall on deaf ears, but NOBODY in Nevada is involved in some big conspiracy to cause businesses to close, to keep people from getting jobs, from receiving unemployment benefits....The Governor isn't involved in some high-level con-game where "the FBI needs to be called in", etc....These are goofy, nonsensical 'conspiracy theories' which, as conspiracy theories go, aren't very inventive nor believable enough for a bad work of fiction.

Your GOV employees, top to bottom, are working diligently to get the job done. Let's give them some support instead of constantly deriding them & second-guessing their motives.


The state had since March to fix this mess. If they really cared so much "WHY ISN'T FIXED??? FBI should be called because of the money allocated for this system upgrade that wasn't given to them. SISOLAK shifting money to other places these are facts not conspiracy theory. FBI investigates crimes in states with facts not conspiracies.


Like I said why hasn't the FBI investigate the state employees who run the system and also the COVID 19 money distribution. Even the news here in Nevada is down playing the issue of payments. Why o Why can't anyone give the people a straight answer. Lefties, liberals are sure quiet on the issue of payments of the PUA.


My claim was accepted then June 26 all of a sudden my money stopped coming in they said they needed all this documents but yet they already approved me today I did not receive the 5 weeks they owe me! Called all day can’t get thru! Did this happen to anyone else they started paying you then just stopped.


Yes, as an independent contractor and self employed Fitness trainer and nutritionist I am getting hit real hard. DETR has declined me twice claiming my lack of qork has nothing to do with the pandemic. I have classes in the recreation centers which still aren't open and those were my bread and butter. Not to mention the fact that clients are hesitant to get near anyone. It has gotten much harder to secure new clients and do my Free evaluations because no one wants to meet up face to face. I keep applying and hear nothing back from DETR or EmployNevada. Keep fighting!


So, the day that DETR is supposed to pay PUA claims, the system suddenly has a "glitch" and fails to pay the rest of us? Does anyone believe that?


Well I was one of those people that had their payments stop magically. So they should have restarted today, they didn't. Who would have thought that the system is still screwed up. I have started making plans to never receive the rest. I guess the state of nv needed it to pay for the school year.....or possibly line their own pockets. I think the only fraud happening is the state not paying approved benefits.there isn't another state with problems even close to the amount ours has. Maybe the feds should look into it.


DETR could be claiming you were overpaid and is withholding your benefits to pay back the money you never received.

DOJ needs to investigate the unethical practices of this operation, which continues to further victimizes suffering Nevadans.


What's new nothing changed a complete failure. What can be a possible excuse for this mishap??? The people running the organization don't care they have a job. Maybe keep one of their paychecks and see how they react to the situation. FBI needs to investigate!!!

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