Nevada Department of Employment Training and Rehabilitation

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation issued a statement Monday after PUA claimants reported issues with their accounts.

A viewer who had reached out to FOX5 reported some of his employment history had disappeared from the website and he was now seeing a different weekly payment amount.

DETR issued the following statement:

DETR has learned that a Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) system update this weekend incorrectly reset claims information in some PUA filers’ accounts. DETR is aware of and working with the vendor to fix the issue in the next 24-48 hours. At that time, claimants will be able to see corrected information in their accounts.

Claimants do not need to take action at this time since DETR is working to fix the issue. Claimants do not need to call the call center and are encourage not to file an appeal. DETR will share additional information as we get it. The site is up and available for filers.

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and what this story neglects to tell you is your account has reset. Meaning their system now sees you as a newbie. So forget about your weekly benefits for at least 2 weeks. If I could bet on this, I would say this has now destroyed any chance most of us had at getting the recent Trump $300 additional Federal money. Which I suspect was the reason for this fake glitch and washing out of their system. No records no payments. Time will tell. Or we are to believe DETR has no back-up system, what do you think is going on really?


I'm "shocked" DETR has come out asking people not to call so they wouldn't have to actually work. I filed an appeal the first day it was available in July and it still hasn't been looked at. I uploaded all the documents they needed and since they now would have to approve my claim, they just ignore it hoping we all go away.

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