Caleb Cage, State of Nevada COVID-19 Response Director.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The Nevada Health Response Team has determined that eight Nevada Counties have increased risk for disease transmission and must submit an action plan for review and approval from the Nevada Health Response Team.

  • Carson City
  • Clark
  • Elko
  • Humboldt
  • Lander
  • Lincoln
  • Nye
  • Washoe

Officials with the Health Response Team contacted the following counties, and in the coming days county leaders will work with state and COVID-19 Response Director Caleb Cage on an assessment plan and submit an action plan for review and approval by the state.

A county is labeled high risk for transmission if two of the following three criteria are met.

Average number of tests per day (per 100,000) less than 150, case rate (per 100,000) greater than 200 and testing positivity greater than 7%.

Counties who meet two or more of the criteria on Thursday, August 13, will need to enact an action plan to reduce the spread of the virus. They would need to enact the plan on August 14.

If counties are showing improvement or meeting zero to one of the criteria further actions will not be required.


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(6) comments


Nice photo bomb,with an unmasked fat woman!


You're truly clueless and have no class. She is there for the hard of hearing and deaf people. Sign language.


I want to know who's getting sick. We get no information on demographic differences unless it's a sob story about "communities" hit hardest, etc. - communities which you may find, if you peel back the MSM layers that tend to hide the truth, adamantly refuse to distance.

So the inane response is to close bars with zero evidence that they play any role in the spread. If we're going to collectively punish everyone for the carelessness of a few, we should also not be singling anyone out for special concern or consideration.


It would be a violation of privacy to announce who tested positive for disease. Also there is evidence that airborne transmission of disease is particularly bad indoors in public spaces like bars and restaurants. Here is an introductory study


The Nevada health response team. Getting their orders from Sisolak, who is getting his orders from Soros. This state is going to implode. What a shame.


In other words, all counties where these is actually a population base.

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